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Manny (Auld Manriva)


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Please keep Manny in your thoughts, as some of you know, he has been absent do to a nasty bout of pneumonia.  He then told us he had abcesses on his lungs.  His brother has just posted on FB that it is a very bad infection and he is to undergo surgery today to remove 1/3 of his lung.  Manny is one of my closest friends and is friends with lots of people here on DM.



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Got to think positive and send him good vibes, sis *hugs* though I'll admit to being deeply worried. Lung surgery sounds so drastic but let's pray it helps the healing process. I'm keeping absolutely everything crossed. Glued to Facebook awaiting developments. :sad:

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An update. Manny is still in hospital as of his brother's update on Facebook about 7 hours ago. After having a third of his left lung removed, the docs went back in for a second surgery and removed a quarter of the right lung too. Manny's been having some problems with confusion since then. The doctors are likening it to stroke symptoms, not that he's had a stroke, just that it's a similar result.


A bit later Michael posted again to say their other brother, David, had visited the hospital to see what news there was and Manny had been taken in for another CAT scan. It came back negative and apparently Manny was a bit clearer than a couple of days ago.


Fingers crossed and keep the prayers coming folk. He's not out of the woods yet.

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