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Please allow me to introduce myself


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Greetings to you all.


I am quite new here. And probably unknown to you all.

Since there are no other fans of the wot in my surroundings and I do have the urge to discuss the books I found it a good alternative to sign myself up.


I've looked around a little but I couldn't find the standards for and introduction-topic. Therefore I'm just going to tell some things about myself.


My greatest passions in life are reading and listening to music. I've been reading the wot since january last year and've read the whole of the series almost twice now. I've never had a better anti-depressive than this extraordinary creation.

But ofcourse the quality of the series is something that needs no further attention, it is a simple fact.


Further some general info: I'm from the Netherlands and to my disgrace a student of English( to my disgrace because my writing isn't as good as it's supposed to be)I'm only 18 years old but very intellectual (/* sarcasm off\)


I hope I'll find what I want in here and I'm pretty sure I will.


Till next time,



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Guest Egwene

Hi Morgan,


I love the description, lol... anti-depressant, how apt!


Hope you'll have a great time discovering the different aspects of this place. Let me know if you need any info. :D

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Wow... you've read the books twice in a year!?!?!? it's taken me a month to get to where I am in CoT...and Im not finished yet!


Anyways enough about my horrible attention span. There are some great discussion boards that you can go to and to all that discussing you've got pent up inside you.


So come on over to the boards and theorize away.



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Hi welcome to DM! If its discussion you're after then head to the main wheel of time board or the structured discussion board. You may want to take a look at some of the orgs too while your at it! Have fun! :D

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