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[Faction Olympics] Myrddraal Scholars - The Black Ajah Wins!


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Myddrral Scholars


Rules: Three members, one from each Faction, showcase their writing and creative skills in this game. The rules are simple. The mod gives each member 30 words. The mod then picks a random DM member (a SG member or a well known DM member). The competitors have to use the 30 words they received to write a funny and interesting paragraph about the member. An unbiased judge (that would be me!) will pick the winner and runners up based on how humorous the paragraph was.


Criteria: Keep in mind that you can only use the word that was given to you. So for example if someone gave you the word "kill" you can not use it as "killing" or "killed". Also, it probably is a good idea to bold the base words, so that its easy for the judge (me!) to see that you have used all the words. Being funny with the words that were given to you is the point of this game, so be as humorous as possible to have a better chance at winning.

The judge (you know who!) will pick the winner based on how humorous the description was and proper grammatical usage.


The Competitors


Black Ajah


1. CIndy




1. Wombat

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