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*Ties Self In*


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Alright guys, life has been.... tumultuous for the month of July. A move, a revolving door of guests coming in and out, a sickness, and some other personal crap has kept me away and out of it for a bit.


Things seems to have settled back down ... I hope.... so I should catch up real soon. Maurelle, I know you're waiting on me so I'll get on those posts first.

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that sounds... expensive, Seia! 


I have a five year old who started Kindergarten on the 12th (which was also my first day of school- teacher land FTW!). 

My baby turned two on the 10th and I had my parents in from out of town and everyone came over to my house for Cake and presents. 

I play BUNCO with a group of ladies locally and it was my turn to host them, on the 8th!


Then getting settled into my routine has put me through the ringer and I've been falling asleep on the couch by 9:30 every night! I feel so OLD! *grumbles*

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