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August Roll Call


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Here. I currently don't have favorite clothes. My alltime favorite piece of clothing would be the grey Levi's jean jacket I had in high school. It got too worn out to wear a long time ago. And I've never found a jean jacket the same color that I liked as much.

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Being in Australia we don't normally do shirts during the summer. So in a nutshell as little as possible over those months.


Come winter time though I have a big heavy black jacket that reminds me of the Beatles, and I'd have to say it's super duper warm and looks the business. When I go somewhere super cold I can throw a hoody on underneath it too for MAXIMUM SNUGNESS.


Of course my FAVOURITE item of clothing? These bad boys right here!:



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I'm here!


I don't care much about clothes in the summer to be honest :P I usually wear shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops. In the autumn and winter though I like wearing clothes that are comfortable and also keep you warm so I think my favorite piece of clothing are a pair of really good jeans.

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I feel like checking in early this month.


My favorite clothes are my birthday suit. Seriously, there's nothing like a cool breeze floating through your nethers while you rummage about the house. Occasionally tho I like draping sheets around myself like a toga, and then I'll give myself a Greek Philosopher type name (Despothocles), and start musing on the shapes of people's faces and what that means about their personality.


Kinda like this (NSFW):



GOTCHA! :laugh:




incorrect tag. Should be NSFL (not safe for life)


I look fly in my school uniform :cool:


Otherwise blue jeans, red shirt

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My favourite clothes changes with the season. This Winter I quite fancy myself a gentleman about town and have worn my pinstripe boot leg pants to death with my red knee length pointy toed boots which I thought is very nanny Ogg. When it rains I wore cream retro trench coat on top, otherwise it's the subtly embroidered grey jacket. I swapped this sometimes with my raggedy looking black skirt that swirls in the wind and my stripy top. I'm keeping an eye out for purple boots just like it and it shall be my Willy Wonka boots.


Yes all the world's a stage when it comes to me and clothes :P

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