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[Blue Ajah HP Week] Alphabetty Wand Dueling Competition


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Welcome to Alphabetty Wand Duelling Competition everyone!


I’m Miss Luci, and you can call me Miss Luci.


I will be heading this competition.


This is a competition on how many spells you can come up with starting with letters of the alphabet. E.g the person starting the spell with A means that the next one has to come up with a spell starting with B to counter the previous person’s spell and then cast a spell of their own, and so on and so forth. This will continue from A-Z and then restart to A if we are still at it!


Points awarded to the person with the most originality in spell casting, as well as their explanation/description on how the spells affect the other competitor/s.


To juice it all up I will try (with my limited abilities) to make you a siggy of your own choosing.


I officially declare the Duel open!


Luci walked up to the wide-open space her steps echoing in the silence that had descended in the Great Hall, waiting to see if someone would come up to challenge her. Her dragon heartstring wand gripped tightly in her hand she looked at the people gathered, and finally upon seeing her opponent, with a cheeky smile she cast her spell.



Abrupt Abyss Accretion!


Luci said and watched as an Abyss started opening up layer by layer getting deeper and deeper under her opponent’s feet, until all you could see was a black hole on the floor.

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Ithillian walked into the Great Hall and almost fell into the Abyss that had appeared. That would never do at all. She pulled out her own wand and gestured


Big Boulders Bounce Bottom Brim!


She smiled as a avalanche of rocks quickly filled up the hole that Luci had created. Now onto her next target. She spun around and lashed out again with her wand!


Chickens Cackle Crow Cacophony!



The horrible amplified sound of a bazillion chickens and roosters filled the air, causing those assembled to cover their ears. Hah! No-one would be able to get any spell heard above this noise :laugh:

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The sound could be heard for miles.  Way up in the Blue Ajah Key could hear the sounds.  She looked out the window and frowned.  There didn't seem to be anything amiss, so where was the sound coming from?  Ever curious (she was Blue Ajah after all), the Aes Sedai left her room in search of whatever was making that racket.  She hummed the Harry Potter theme song to herself as she made her way down the stairs, eyes ever wandering.  Soon, she saw a strange sight - a random chicken sitting in the middle of the stairs, crowing loudly.  Frowning, she picked up the bird and followed the trail of feathers.  Soon, she found herself inside the Great Hall....with a bunch of noisy poultry, a beaming Ithillian Sedai, a frustrated Luci, and an observant Izabella.


Distracted Deviants Doze Decidedly Dreaming Delicious Donuts!


Key sighed in relief and then barked a laugh when the chickens abruptly stopped crowing and dropped into a blissful sleep.  The Great Hall was covered with white, brown, and black feathers.  It looked quite a sight!  She walked farther in, about to ask why the bloody birds were all over when she saw Ithi raise her wand.  Oh no you don't!  Key thought and raised her own, swinging it in the air.


Excessive Elephant Ears Effect Every Enemy!


Another laugh escaped her as Ithi and Luci suddenly sprouted huge elephant ears, making their heads droop (and honestly look quite funny).  It would take them a few minutes to get their bearings from that!  In the meantime, Key would set about getting rid of all these chickens! 

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Turin did giggle in spite of himself at the enormous ears that grew on Ithi and Luci. But it just would not do. her little elf ears were much more appropriate. So He took out his wand (10.5", maple with phoenix feather) and issued some words of his own...


Flippantly Foul Foo Flingings Fail!!


And Those afflicted with the large ears were returned to normal.. But the offending party must still be dealt with. So Hw waved his wand at Key and recited...


Gigantic Garden Gnomes Generate Gloppy Goo!!


And from outside there marched in several garden gnomes that were growing in size until they just fit in the hall. Each of them surrounding Key as the most greasy goo seeped from their silly hats the pool edged closer and closer to the tricksy Blue...

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oh nononono, this will nto do at all. That stuff is nasty looking.


Raising Cherlindrea's wand he deftly waves it in the air.


High Hippy Helping Hands!


the sound of drums and  tambourines is heard coming from the door the garden gnomes entered from. A troupe of pathcwork clothed and patchuli wearing hippies with mops sweep into the room to clean up the mess



Why is there no bar here?


Issuous Imbibery....ous!



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Jumping Jalapenos Just Jiggle!


*jalapenos jump into various bottles and glasses to add an extra "bite" to everyone's drink*


Klutzy Kleptomaniacs Kick Kindly

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"Ouch!  Kicking kindly maybe, but it's still kicking! " Key said, rubbing her shins.  She knocked back another shot and wiped her lips.  Okay, well, if the Great Hall was going to be a mess, then so be it!



Let Loose Lukewarm Leftover Lunches!


She grinned widely as a bunch of food fell from the sky.  What was a party without a foodfight?  Picking up some food, she threw it toward the nearest person - 


Meatballs make memorable munition!


Several meatballs clodded the person in the shoulder and she giggled.  Food fights were the best! 

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*Daruya whirls, outraged, as a meatball smacks wetly against her shoulder.  Gripping her wand, she lets loose with a defensive spell.*


Nibbling Ninjas Neatly Nullify!


And take this!  *With a practised flip of her wand, she looses another torrent*


Orangtunas Openly Obliterate Onions


*tears streaming from her eyes from the fumes, Daruya dashes to the relative safety of the other side of the room*



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