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Originals vs. Covers

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Revival of this thread in a brand new shiny, neat and organised model!


Song 203: Meet Me in the Middle of the Air    Paul Kelly vs. Tripod vs. Megan Washington


That's right, we have three competitors for our extra special opening of this new thread...and partially because I couldn't pick between the Washington and the Tripod covers...


Meet Me in the Middle of the Air

Paul Kelly (Original) vs. Tripod and Eddie Perfect (Cover) vs. Megan Washington (Cover)




Here's the original



The first of the competitors: Tripod and Eddie Perfect





The Megan Washington which I can't find my audio version of...might replace this later...



Geeeeeeeeeeeet voting!!!!!!!!!


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Writing as I listen - about a minute into the original version and I'm a little bored - which is strange as normally I like acoustic style music.


Apparently not a good song for me :(  I think the second group have better voices than the original, but that may be a feature of the recording, still so far Tripod are winning (by a hair, the song's a full minute longer  :dry: )


Ok, so the third version is my favorite, but I'm not a huge fan of the song.  Out of curiosity is this a popular funeral choice?  (not a bad thing, somewhere over the rainbow is apparently the UKs top favorite song and it's a good song)


And, first vote :)

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My vote is for the ORIGINAL.  While I am partial to woman vocalists that are good, which Megan is, I love the raw, earthiness of Paul Kelly's version.  I couldn't even finish Tripod's version.  You can tell Paul's heart and soul are in the song and as I said, there was a certain rawness to it.  So yup, my vote is for Paul.

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I'm a bit surprised in a sense. I typically like originals a bit better than covers, but I can't make it through the entire original song.  It just doesn't sound good to me.  The covers a slightly better and I happen to like the Tripod and Eddie Perfect version the best.  It just sounded a little cleaner and crisp than the third version. 

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