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Best Wishes For My Green Bonded

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Ryrin Sedai is undergoing surgery tomorrow. Some of you may know about the severe loss of movement she has been experiencing, and she'll be off work 5 months in a neck brace recovering.


She has gotten good news that she will only need one surgery and not two and it will be less invasive.


It's still a scary time, even for a brave Green. Neck and Spinal surgery is nothing to play around with.



I just wanted to create a space to let her know I'm thinking about her and wishing her a speedy recovery and healing. :happy: And anyone else who would like to join in ... As well as give updates on how she is doing in recovery while she is LOA.


So my bonded friend and sister ................

Some happy Sunflowers to brighten your day.



Some green hydrangeas to honor your soul.



And a green bracelet to wear to give you strength and remind you you're not alone.



Love to you my bonded sister. Come back to us whole and healthy and soon! :happy:

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8 hours of surgery.


Still here. It feels like I had a visit from the Headsman who didn't actually finish the job!


O-O Hanging in there. Thank you all for your well wishes.


Too doped up to read yet, Mother. :-)

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