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Coyote Roadhouse - Bailey's Harbor, WI

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My family and I found this little gem while vacationing in Door County Wisconsin.  It is out in the middle of nowhere and hard to find, but it is well worth it (and with GPS technology, you should be able to find it).


I ordered a full rack of ribs and the house ale (Coyote Howling Ale).  I don't remember what sides I ordered.  The first thing I noticed was that for being out in the middle of nowhere, there was quite a crowd both at the bar and dining.  The people were very friendly (not only the staff, but the costumers as well).  The staff was very good, we were quickly approached by a server and drinks orders were taken and it was always known that if we needed anything, we just needed to let the server know.


Now the food! As I said I ordered a full rack of ribs and this is the first time I've gone somewhere and had fall of the bone ribs - literally.  I'd pick up a rib and the meat would slide off the bone onto my plate.  The meat was very moist and tender.  I still consider them the best ribs I've had.


I also ordered the house ale - by paying $8, I got not only a beer, but I also got a glass to take home.  I'd recommend this restaurant to anyone.


Food - 5 out of 5 - prepared excellently and timely

Atmosphere - 5 out of 5 - Staff and costumer environment is very friendly

Pricing - 4 out of 5 - a little on the expensive side if I remember correctly


Food Examples - ribs, burgers, fish, and other seafood


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Next time I'm back in Wisconsin I will have to see how close to this I am. This sounds wicked good and like Horn said, I could always go for good ribs that fall off the bone! Sometimes it is hard to find good ribs, but these sound like really good ones.  It also sounds like a nice place that if you buy a beer you also get the glass to go with it.  Most places you go don't do that so that itself speaks to the quality of the place. 

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My dad lives in Green Bay.  Next time I'm up there we'll take the motorcycles out and head here.  @Kronos, you been to Doc's Harley Davidson up around there?  Fun car museum, fun zoo, and really good milk shakes/malts.  Dunno about the rest of the food but it is a cool place to go.

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