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[Blue Ajah Harry Potter Week] Quidditch Trivia Game Sign-ups!

Leala Sedai

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Hello, all!  We're trying a new thing this year:  Quidditch!


This will be set up as a trivia game.  We'll have two full Quidditch teams: Hufflepuff and Gryffindor (in honor of your two mods).


Here's how things will work:  


One of your referees will post questions to chasers and keepers, while the other will ask questions for beaters to answer.  Whoever answers the question first will have a successful move.  Every now and then, either mod will ask a question for the seekers to answer.  


These questions will be very difficult.


It is the snitch, after all.


To sign-up, just post here.  If you have a preferred team and position, please say so!  These are on a first-come-first-serve basis.  :)




Leala (Cedric Diggory)

Cindy (Crookshanks)


The Teams:




Seeker - Mish

Chaser - Kronos

Chaser - Bridmorgan

Chaser - Luciena

Beater - Masema

Beater - blank

Keeper - Dar




Seeker - Red

Chaser - Mashiara

Chaser - Ithi

Chaser - Turin

Beater - WWWwombat

Beater - Pralaya

Keeper - Rhea

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Gryffindor for me, please!  Any  position will be fine.  Maybe I should ask for Seeker, though . . . after all, Ginny played Seeker when Harry was barred from the game under Umbridge's "rule."  :biggrin:  She did prefer Chaser, though.  

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