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Who draws it out shall follow after

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"Into the heart he thrusts his sword, into the heart, to hold their hearts. Who draws it out shall follow after. What hand can grasp that fearful blade?"


Rand sends Narishma to get Callandor which Prophecies of the Dragon give the above quote about whoever draws out the sword.  'Who draws it out shall follow after'


I know some people feel that that this line means Narishama will be loyal to Rand.  It seems to me this should refer to more... but I do not recall anything in the series it could mean.



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We don't know that prophesy refers to that, just that Rand thought it did. It could also refer to that and RJ didn't plot it or BS changed it (Androl do any following after? lol)


Heart is probably the most common place for a sword to be placed in this series too...lots of choices if it's even something on screen.

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Could also refer to Moridin picking up the blade when Rand's drops it in the heart of Shayol Ghul.  And Moridin's body is what now "follows after" Rand's original body's death.

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I thought it referred to Rand returning Callandor to the Heart of the Stone, as a reminder to the people there, to "hold their hearts,"  and then yeah, Narishma goes and gets it and brings it to him.  I think it was risky of Rand to make the assumption that "follws after" means Narishma is loyal.  It could also have meant "Follow after and stick it in your neck."

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