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Tainted Times: July


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Tainted Times: July

Hello everyone! Tainted Times has been captured by me for this month. I may not been as good as others but you all have to endure me.


Five new experimental subjects members
Asha'man Lexondur
Hisoka Al'Raer


More new Soldiers

All except berf have joined Light


Events/Active Threads:

Our big event this month was the Black Tower One Power Tournament 2013. It was a huge success! We had 22 participants and 18 battles. We didn´t have to cancel a single battle due to absent participants. It turned out to be valuble to be friend with the Dark One. He was most gracious and allowed his minions to use the True Power in every battle. :baalzamon: It was a good atmosphere in the tower and several members have already asked when we will have the next tournament. :biggrin:

The winners are:

Staff/Attack Leaders: TMD

Asha´man: Basel

Dedicated: BG

Soldier: Millon

Leelou was our guest mod for the monthly discussion - Online/Offline. It was an interesting discussion about how we are in rl and on the internet and how we view friendship in rl and on the internet.

Rand´s Lord of the Ring Mafia ended with a victory for the town.

Now we are playing AH´s Pokémon Mafia III: The Tressure of Heart Island. The TOWN wins!!!

TMD has finished the new Dore Moredo rollers. Now we only need to learn how to play it. :laugh:

And there were spam of course. Dors started The Corrupted Wish Game, Panchi started I hate summers and Berf started Topic.

Ithi is going to tweet for us from now on. The BT has an own Twitter account and she will also tweet on the DM account.


The Light Faction will host a Summer Event in the end of July. We have made big plans for it and hope you all like it.

With AH´s mafia game comes to an end, Talya will start her Stargate Mafia.

We have a Discussion on Travel

And a game Guess the BTer

Goal 200,000 count: 190,552 as of now

Epic Challenge of defeating General Discussion in number of post update
BT has 549, 410 posts last time it was 535,248
General Discussions has 654,679 last time it was 643,525

This was all from the Tainted Desk

Signing off,

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