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Weekend plans


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My week end went belly up. I had plans. There was a village dance that I was going to help with dj-ing and decorations. It will be a monthly event because we as community loves to dance apparently. There will be marshmallow and mild punch but it is not to be.


I got really sick instead and now waiting anxiously for test result to come back from the lab.


Winter ailment is never enjoyable. :sad:

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This week end should be good, fingers crossed.

I'm going to Seaworld with the whole family.

Nephew is completely obsessed with dinosours and crocodiles...anything with teeth really.

Celebrating all the kid's birthday at once.

Then I'm going to the movies- to see adult movie for once.


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The other night I had this horrible nightmare.


The evil ghost woman from The Grudge rose up out of my computer while I was lying down on the bed and turn around slowly and looked at me with that horrible creaking noise. Then repeating over and over again while I just lied there completely frozen. When I woke up in the morning all the doors were wide open when I was sure that I shut really tight to keep the studio warm.



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I was sick for the whole two weeks and spend it with my family.


It was really full on and now I need a holiday from my supposed break.


This week end was so much fun.


The once a month arts and crafts market was on.


I went visiting and dancing...


Had impromptu lunches on the verandahs.


Really enjoyed myself.



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It was all the kiddies birthday last week and this week it's all the adults' birthday.


Lots of people having birthday in August. So it's a busy month.


I got my daughter all the toys I would like to play myself and considering I would have to play it with her it was appropriate.


Got this really cool R2D2 doll that speaks and am having so much fun pressing the button and making it whistle at peeps worth a second glance then laugh and said 'am I pressing all the right button?

Then run away laughing.


I Know it's juvenile but I'm living on borrowed innocence :P

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Anyway Bald Mountain can be quite a challenge to climb.


Reminds me of that bit in Avatar where they go up to the Banshee breeding ground.


There's a round rock caught between two cliffs that you have to jump onto in order to get to the other side. The rock wobbles and bottom is dizzying. Whatever you do don't look down.


Then you have to use the momentum of the jump to run up the incline on the other side. After that there's the chimney where you have to wedge yourself and slide up its funnel.


The top of the mountain is so spectacular because there is The Eye of the Needle which is literally a potruding tongue of rock through a shallow roundish cave. The whole park spreads out so far below you. It's fantasgraphical!


Every time I go through the Eye I wished I had a Dragon!


Just to be able to fly...

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