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British Royal Baby BT 'Office' Sweepstake ... It's a boy - 8lb 6oz - Turin Wins!

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So, our William and Kate are due to have their baby very soon. It is traditional in these parts to have a sweepstake on the baby's gender and weight and I'm feeling quite traditional today. Of course you can't bet your own points - because that's not allowed.


But I will give 15 Points to whoever gets the gender right AND is closest to the weight (either plus or minus will count). I might be able to 'borrow' some points for 2nd and 3rd place too if I ask someone very nicely.


And name suggestions for boy and girl babies would be good too.


No metric weights please ... you will have to go use a converter if you can't think in pounds and ounces. We are still very much traditional imperial weights when it come to babies. I did mention I was feeling traditional today, right?


I will go first - I'm thinking a girl and 7lb 11oz.



The Result!


It's a boy - 8lb 6oz - Turin Wins. Cindy is 2nd and Eddie is 3rd - congratulations!



Guesses so far


Despo - Boy - 16lb 9oz

Cindy - Boy - 9lb 6oz

Turin - Boy - 7lb 7oz

Eddie - Boy - 7lb 4oz

Berf - Boy - 7lb 3oz

Basel - Boy - 7lb 0oz


Gudrean - Girl - 8lb 2oz

TMD - Girl - 8lb 1oz

Ithi - Girl - 7lb 11oz

Wombat - Girl - 7lb 10oz

Tina - Girl - 7lb 7oz

Maddy - Girl - 7lb 0oz

Via - Girl - 6lb 7oz

Time - Girl - 6lb 4oz

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Her name is Carole ... it's doubtful. Because this baby will be the Heir to the Thrown. Victoria had her mum's name, as did Elizabeth. But neither of them were supposed to be Queen.


They are going to dig into the Accepted Royal Family Names probably - possibly a Diana as a middle name if it is a girl.


Got your guess though :)

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First time Mother. She seems of good stock, but who knows what is going on in Willum's double helix this many generations down the line...


I think boy, and I think 7 pound 3 ounces, and I think Frederick. 


So it basically confirmed now to be a girl, 10 pounder, and called Patricia, because that's how much luck at gambling generally rolls.

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