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Returning BT Bio for Kaelin Elan Norinth - No CC

Arath Faringal

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Name: Kaelin Elan Norinth
Gender: Male
Class: Channeler
Age: Early thirties
Origin: Cairhien
Occupation: Guardsman in the mining town of Edgehill, Andor.
Family: Andoran mother, Cairhienin father, a twin brother, and a Cairhienin wife; all deceased.
Uncharacteristically tall for a Cairhienin at 5'11 (due to his Andoran blood). Slim and lithe in build, short black hair with white at the temples, pale skin, and dark eyes with an angry red scar running horizontally between them.
A quiet individual, with a serious demeanour, a clipped Cairhienin accent with faint Andoran overtones, and a penchant for formal speech patterns. Quite friendly towards those who take the time to get to know him.
Brief History:
Kaelin was once an Asha'man and a committed disciple of Dramon Calgar. Kaelin's twin brother Reimond died of the Taint shortly after the brothers joined Dramon's nascent Black Tower. Kaelin later became a mentor of sorts to Koras Sanderos. Kaelin remained with the Black Tower for some time, and during Dalinarius' leadership of the Tower, married his childhood sweetheart and brought her to the Tower. Not long afterwards, she was brutally murdered by a mad Asha'man under the influence of the Taint. This event marked the beginning of Kaelin's own slow descent into madness. During a skirmish with the enemies of the Tower, he briefly lost control of his sanity for the first time, and although he was able to quickly re-establish his grip on reality, he realised that he could no longer trust himself. Fearing that he might harm his friends and comrades under the influence of the Taint, he Skimmed to a distant location before battling back his madness for the final time. With his mind as clear as he could make it, he used saidin to commit suicide.
The suicide attempt failed to take his life. It did, however, put a composite block on his connection to the Source, as well as obliterating his memory. He was found battered and bloody by a guardsman out on patrol, who took him back to the infirmary in the nearby town of Edgehill.

Fragments of Kaelin's old memories began to return, mostly just images, meaningless and out of context. The only one that made any sense was a name, which he presumed - wrongly - to be his own; Reimond. After a long period of convalescence, he recovered from his physical injuries. With no memory of his past, he elected to remain with his new 'family' and joined the town guard, where he discovered an aptitude for polearms. However, his long recovery from his injuries has all but wiped out the martial skills he developed at the Black Tower, and working in a quiet mining town, he's had no occasion to develop them further.
This afternoon, a pair of Asha'man of the Black Tower stopped off in Edgehill on their way through. As they entered the local Inn, where Kaelin was on guard duty, he spoke a quiet greeting to the pair. One of them turned to acknowledge him... and paused. There was something very familiar about this guardsman. Something very familiar indeed...
The One Power:
During his time at the Black Tower, Kaelin's above average skill with saidin was balanced by a relative lack of strength compared to his fellow Asha'man. His skill was greater in Air and Fire, and exceptionally weak in Earth. Before his descent into madness, he discovered a Talent for Cloud Dancing, but that Talent, along with all of his knowledge of the One Power, is now gone. When he is brought back to the Black Tower, he will need to break the composite block between him and the Source, and relearn the use of saidin from scratch. Whether he will ever regain his full power or his Talent is impossible to determine.
It's not likely that he'll ever get his full memory back, but the parts he does recover should make for some interesting interactions with his former comrades at the Black Tower. It also gives him an opportunity to make new memories, by starting fresh friendships with those who didn't know him before.
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