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Rugby League


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I was in the Band chat and we were talking about this and a bunch of people don't really know anything about it. So i will try to explain.


there are 2 games Rugby UNION 9also called Rugby) and Rugby LEAGUE.  Union blows.  So this is a LEAGUE thread.



There are 17 people on a league team  13 of them on the field at one time. Game goes for 80 mins + a 10 min halftime. Only 10 replacements per team are allowed.


A Try is worth 4 points. Unlike Gridiron  you have to get into the ingoal area and GROUND the ball without losing it.  you then get a goal kick which is worth 2 points. you can also go for goal when you get a penalty.


During play they may kick a field goal   its basicaly where you bounce the ball infront of you and kick in one motion and get iot between the goal post but over the crossbar. it is worth one point.



The ball gets moved around by passing. You CANNOT pass FORWARDS.  thats a penalty if you do it.  Player run the ball and get tackled. To be tackled you either cant advance anymore cause of the defenders  or you are on the ground with a defender touching you.


heres some vids 


this one is some really good Trys (4 pointers)




and here are some big hits from games


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