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Tober Wynn

A newbie at Dragonmout

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I' new to this board - and to the RPG System of WoT.

I'm planning to run my first adventure with my group aproximately end of August.

Normally I play - but as it happens I'm also a seasoned GM

In the very past it was AD&D & DSA, later it were Midgard and Shadowrun.

As the acting GM of our group needs a break, I'm jumping in to do the job.

No one of my group is familiar with WoT which will give a lot of fun.


As mentioned in my introduction post, I got some questions:


.) whom should I speak to regarding the WoT rules?


.) is there anybody in this board, who loves to draw maps or some "art"? As soon as I've received my new notebook, I could help with plans of buildings and such things - but nothing that needs a talent for art ..


.) When leading Shadowrun, I provided my selfwritten adventures to the comunity. Is there someone whom I should speak to about this subject? I'm planning 2-4 adventures per year - normaly I write in German language but I think it should not be the big problem to do the same in English. Would for sure train my vocabulary quite effective ;-))


I'm really looking forward to play this game. 2 months to go to:

.) read all books once again

.) read and understand the RPG rules

.) write my first adventure




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Are you talking about D&D in the WoT setting? If so which edition?


EDIT-Ok i didnt read your post properly, sorry, laaate night and my brain is all fuzzy like. if you're talking about an actual WoT RPG as in not D&D I think the best bet is to create a thread in the "WoT In Other Media" forum. I cant provide a link, Im using a PS3 to post.


Welcome to DM!

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Welcome to DM Tober! (I come from Bavaria, Germany ;))


I absolutely love Pen and Paper RPG games! I haven't actually done the WoT RPG system yet, but are you familiar with the SAGA System? (My father Jörg Hertwich was on of the developers) I managed to make a few modifications and that worked rather well for WoT games...

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OK - I've started the Game. First evening was great, The group was thrilled.

It was only a series of small 1:1 adventures to bring the adventurers to the same spot, where they can join and build a group.

We have:

1 Aiel (Far Dareis Mai)

1 Armsmen

1 Thieftaker-Wannabe

1 male Wilder

5 dead Trollocs till now and a definite reason why they should put their forces together ...


After reading all books once again, I will find more time to look into the forum - looking foreward to this.



Tober Wynn

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Hey Tober,


Call me Merry, or Merrilin.

Like you, I'm a tabletop gamer and love the WoT Series.  I'm familiar with the D&D text setting for WoT, but am trying to find ways to convert it to Shadowrun ruleset.  Would you be interested in helping out?  


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