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Tea in the Garden with the Greens (Attn: Greens & any Novice/Accepted who wants to play along!)


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Loraine watched as the servants arranged the long table in her favorite garden and smiled approvingly. The curved backs of each chair reminded her of Carhien, all the way down to the plush green velvet cushions that graced each seat. She'd chosen a set of all white linens with embroidered flowers along the edges, light green mother-of-pearl china and flower engraved flatware. A wide white cover flared overhead, blocking the worst of the sun's hot gaze. The kitchen staff bustled in, arranging high cake plates with fresh tea biscuits, herbal scones and small pastries, as well as a pot of tea for every four settings all the way down the table. A cedar box filled with small glass jars of various tea blends matched each pot and a silver steeping net was settled in each cup, the long dainty chain dangling over the edge of the cup ending with a green leaf that Loraine had preserved from this garden, herself. She moved down the table, adding small vases of fresh cut blossoms between each pot of water. 


When that was finished, she pulled the apron she'd settled over her gown away and tucked it into the small bag she'd brought down with her this morning. She checked her hair in a small mirror she'd tucked inside, hiding a stray lock of golden blonde hair behind her ear, but otherwise pleased that the intricate knot she'd twisted her hair into this morning had survived the work in the garden and that the small green crystal hanging between her brows was still falling properly out of her hairline. She settled the bag underneath her chair and ran her hands down her sides, smoothing imaginary wrinkles from the deep green silk that encased her torso. She'd gone with a traditional Carhienin visiting gown, which covered every inch of her upper body, all the way to the back of her hands, and then flowed smoothly to the floor with only a few slashes of purple silk peeking out as she moved. She'd chosen a lightweight silk, which was her only accommodation to the heat. It wasn't as if she needed it, anyway. Aes Sedai never sweat. At least, not where anyone could see it! The thought made her smile and she settled into a chair on the far end of the table to await the guests she was hoping would be intrigued enough to enter the garden. It had been a long time since she'd spent time with Novices and Accepteds and she rather looked forward to the prospect of talking to them as she did before the last round of missions had interrupted her life in the Tower. 



NEXT! :)

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Kira picked out an Accepted's dress that had no wrinkles.  She had heard word that Loraine Sedai of the Green Ajah was having a tea party in the garden and she thought she would join in.  Kira checked her hair in the mirror and thought about what she would want to talk about.  Kira had some interest in the Green Ajah and thought that it might be a good idea to ask Loraine what drew her to the Ajah.  Kira had to admit, the prospect of preparing for the last battle intrigued her.  Kira, satisfied with her hair, left her room and started walking to the gardens.


Kira adopted her best impression of Aes Sedai serenity walking through the Tower.  Kira felt like she had gotten pretty good at emulating Aes Sedai, but it was still clear she wasn't one.  Even if she was allowed to wear other clothing besides the banded Accepted dress, she was still clearly too young to be an Aes Sedai.  She also lacked the ageless face of an Aes Sedai.


Kira breathed deeply as she exited the Tower.  The sun felt good on her olive skin.  She walked straight for the garden.  Now was not the time to dilly dally.  As Kira approached, she saw the tables set up with mother-of-pearl china on the table.  Assorted snacks lined the table as well.  At the far end of the table sat a woman.  She worn a green silk gown and had a small green crystal between her brows.  Kira had seen the woman in the White Tower before and Kira knew who she was, but they had seldom spoken.  Kira approached the table and offered the Aes Sedai a deep curtsy.


"Good afternoon, Loraine Sedai," Kira said.  "I'm Kira Tuvunenia and was wondering if I might join you for tea and pastries?"

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Loraine smiled and rose to her feet as the Accepted entered the garden. "Indeed you may," she said sliding a chair out from under the table and offering it to the girl. "Please, make yourself comfortable!"


She settled herself back into her chair, steeping a cup of tea and waiting until the newcomer was comfortable. "I must apologize, child, I fear you have me at a disadvantage. You know my name, but I don't know yours." She smiled a bit wider and leaned forward. "And what duties are you getting out of by keeping me from looking silly sitting here all by myself? I need to know which people to send extra tea and cakes to!"



(Sorry it's a short reply. They'll get longer, promise! ;) ) 

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Kathleen stood impatiently in the fitting room of the dressmaker's shop. She had run into the city to have a fitting for an order of dresses she was having made to take with her on her next mission. She would need to change her look for it, and a few dresses would make that a quick change. She had underestimated the time it would take to get in, get the details sorted out with the dressmaker and get back to the Tower for the Green's Tea. 


Of all the days to be over booked and running late! she thought as she lifted her arm for the woman to take her measurements. She groaned inwardly wishing she could tell the woman to hurry along and to just run out of there, but she was spending too much coin on these dresses and she needed them to be done right. If she were rude the quality would be cut and she couldn't risk that.


She suffered through the rest of the appointment and hurried back to the White Tower. Rushing as much as any sister could without shocked looks she made her way back to her rooms and peeled herself out of her earlier clothes and into a fitted light green dress with a white trim around the hem and neckline. She pulled her rich brown hair up into a loose bun and clipped it in place with emerald-set clips, then she grabbed a thin white belt and threaded a thin sheathed dagger on it. She didn't normally carry one but it would cause some interest among the Accepteds. 


As she left her rooms she took up her green shawl and wrapped it over her shoulders as she made her way to the garden. She hurried there and wasn't surprised to see the tea arrangement set with Lorraine and one of the Accepted already there. "Good afternoon ladies," she greeted each of the others with a smile as she came up to join them. "Is there anything I can do to help here Sister?"


Kathleen Vandiar

Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah

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Kira opened her mouth to answer Loraine's questions when suddenly another showed up to the table.


"Good afternoon Ladies. Is there anything I can do to help here sister?"


Kira looked back and forth between the newcomer and Loraine.  She wasn't sure if she should greet the newcomer or answer Loraine's question.  In her confusion, diverted back to the serving girl she was back at her parent's inn in Ebou Dar.


Kira stood up and curtseyed to the woman who had just arrived.  She was wearing a light green dress with white trim.  Kira eyed the dagger at the woman's belt and Kira's hand patted her side.  She hadn't realized how much she had missed the belt knife she used to carry before coming to the White Tower.  Kira mustered all the grace she used to have as a serving girl and picked up the teapot.


"I'm Kira Tuvunenia." Kira said, her voice surprisingly calm. "Please allow me to serve you some tea, Aes Sedai."


Kira moved to the other woman's location and calmly poured the tea with a calm hand. She then moved back to her own seat before turning to face Loraine.  "I apologize Loraine Sedai, I didn't know whether or not I should answer your questions before greeting our guest and I acted through reflex there.  I hope you do not see me as rude.  As I told your sister here, my name is Kira Tuvunenia, and I was supposed to be doing work in the gardens today, but was allowed to come here instead and get to know some Sisters.  With that in mind," Kira turned to the Aes Sedai with the dagger, "I don't believe we have met. I'm Kira.  May I have the pleasure of knowing your name?"

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Loraine smiled as Kathleen entered the garden, her shawl dangling off her shoulders. "I think the servants set it up rather nicely, perfectly in line with my plans. All that's left is being charming and not scaring off the only person who seems to have taken us up on free tea!"


She turned and raised her hand to stop Kira from apologizing. "No need to apologize, my dear. This was meant to be a rather informal get together and it would be silly to be offended by someone who is so very adept at pouring tea. Such a skill is somewhat hard to come by these days and should be commended, not scolded."  She didn't mention that there were others among the Greens, their illustrious Head, for one, who would've taken serious affront to her question not being answered. Amena was just a hag sometimes, however, and Loraine refused to give in to the 'old enough not to care about rudeness' that the woman seemed to have bought into these last few years. 


She waited as Kathleen and Kira talked for a few moments, paying attention to the girl's movements and how hard she fought her facial expressions. She remembered wanting to mimic the Aes Sedai when she was an Accepted, so it was nice to see the younger tenants of the Tower still had a healthy respect for those with a shawl on their shoulders. When a break came in the conversation, she spoke up again. "What kind of work do they have you doing in the garden, Kira? Pruning and hedging or mindless weeding?" 




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"Well I don't really know too much about gardening, so I'm was going to be doing some weeding today." Kira responded with a smile and sipped her tea.  Kira had to admit that she was having a good time, and maybe now would be a good time for her to discuss with the Greens their Ajah.  She refilled her own cup and picked up a scone.


Kira sipped her tea and thought about what to ask.  She nibbled on the scone she had picked up and her mind kept going back to the dagger that Kathleen Sedai was wearing.


"May I ask a few questions?" Kira said and continued after both of the Aes Sedai nodded their assent. "I'm curious about the Green Ajah and it is one of the reasons why I came her today.  I wanted to get to know some Green Sisters and ask a few questions.  My first is, you are also called the Battle Ajah correct? You are preparing for the Last Battle, yes? Do you just train in the use of the One Power or do you train with weapons as well?" Kira turned to Kathleen Sedai and said, "I saw the dagger on your belt.  Are you learning to fight with it? I used to carry a belt knife when I lived in Ebou Dar, but left it there when I came to the White Tower.  To be honest, I got in more trouble with it than anything else."


Kira giggled a little.  The sound surprised her.  She was used to trying to keep the Aes Sedai calm, but had become comfortable around the women.  She didn't dwell to hard on it though.


"Aes Sedai laugh, right?" she thought.


Kira continued to nibble at her scone while waiting for the women to answer.

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It was her first free day since arriving at the Tower and Ariani felt as though she could very easily sleep away the entire day, she resisted the urge. She hadn't worked so hard since she

had been back home on the farm and despite the fact that every muscle in her body screamed and demanded rest, Ariani wasn't about to let this opportunity slip away. There were parts 

of the Tower still to explore and she wasn't about to squander the opportunity to see all of it. She rose early and dressed, picking out one of the dresses that she hadn't worn yet, and nodded 

in satisfaction at the neatly arranged wardrobe that contained the others. She had stayed up late the night before, making sure that she had no laundry to do today, and cleaning and 

organizing her room. She had everything arranged just so, and she was intent on keeping it this way. She went to the dresser and brushed out her hair, it was still horrendously uneven, as it 

had been since she had tried to shorten it before. She hardly noticed it anymore, and she stopped caring about the disgusted looks that she'd get from some of the other girls. She never cared 

to talk to them anyway. She preferred to be alone if she could. She took a quick look at a picture she had drawn in one of her classes. She had drawn it so that it would at least look like she 

had been taking notes, thus getting her out of admitting to an entire class that she simply could not write well at all. She had seen the flower before, back home on the farm. This was back 

when life was simple; hard, yet simple. Her father and brother were there and she was safe and happy. She wasn't sure why she had drawn a flower, maybe in part it was because she had drawn 

it in a Saidar class and they were imagining flowers at the time. She had never liked roses, so she had visualized this one, a small white flower with veins of red that streaked the petals and a 

blood red center. They grew wild back home.


"Maybe I'll find one in one of the gardens," she thought to herself as she left her room.


She slipped through the halls and marveled that she had been able to learn them so quickly. Of course, there were a few that she had been stopped from exploring and while she was curious 

as to what was to be found down those forbidden corridors, she never ventured down them. That never stopped her from watching though, just to see if she could get a hint of what lay beyond 

the heavy doors that blocked them. The only people that she ever saw come and go were Aes Sedai and occasionally a few servants. Everyone knew that you couldn't get information out of one 

of the Sisters unless she felt that you needed to know, and the servants that would go in and out were just as tight-lipped. She hadn't watched the hall in a couple days now, figuring that she 

would eventually gain access. Some risks just weren't worth taking, and this wasn't the Foregate or Caemlyn. There were Aes Sedai and snitches everywhere here, and she had felt certain that 

she'd be caught regardless of how good she was at sneaking around. 


Ariani had eventually made her way outside, unsure of which direction to head in first. She had wanted to visit gardens, so she just chose a random 

direction and thought that eventually, she'd find one of them. She had managed to find several tree groves, some pretty fountains and some lovely patches of flowers, all of which impressed her 

and gave her a feeling of calm. Once, she had almost stumbled onto the training yards and turned right around and made herself run in the other direction as fast as she could. The temptation to 

go into these forbidden areas of the Tower were getting stronger, and she was thankful for her strong willpower. She made a mental note to never go down that path again, though in the end, the 

mistake had turned out to be a fortunate one. She had ran from the yards and right into one of the gardens that she had been searching for. 


She sighed happily and let her eyes feast on the wonder around her. Lush, rich grass, greener than any she had ever seen filled the ground and she decided to slip out of her shoes and walk 

barefoot in it. The garden was canopied in green ivy and purple wysteria that gave the air a light and pleasant floral scent. Tall decorative grass swayed gently in a soft breeze, as if waving 

her further in. Flowers of all species and colors adorned the bushes, seemingly a color representing every Ajah....even Gray, though Ariani wasn't sure that she had ever seen a gray flower before. 

The ivy overhead, was parted just enough in places to allow the perfect amount of sunlight through so that the garden was neither too hot, nor too cold and there were benches placed throughout 

in a very aesthetically pleasing way. There were also small tables, with bases so delicate that it was a wonder how they stood up at all and finely carved chairs to match. 


Ariani walked through the garden, swinging her arms in a carefree manner and stopping to inspect the brilliantly colored flowers as she passed them. She soon found a doorway that she hadn't 

noticed from the entrance. The vines had twisted and wrapped themselves around it and even grown to where they had actually covered the entrance, like a wysteria covered curtain. She decided 

that she would go through it. Perhaps the flower that she had been looking for was on the other side. 


Moving through the curtain seemed to give the scent of the flowers a boost and it became even more noticeable, and the vines tickled a little. With a sneeze, Ariani made it through the doorway 

to find a table set for tea and a few people seated at this table. She was so surprised to find anyone else in here that it took her a moment to realize that there were Aes Sedai present. Still holding 

her shoes in one hand, she dropped into a deep curtsy, one that she had spent hours painstakingly perfecting in front of the mirror in her room. 


"Pardon me, I did not realize that anyone was here," Ariani said as she straightened herself up and waited for the normal dismissive wave. 



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Loraine smiled as a Novice appeared between the wisteria vines. The girl dipped a proper curtsy and appeared for all the world like she'd been caught red handed at something she shouldn't have been doing. Considering she had her shoes in her hand, that was probably exactly what had happened. Loraine eased to her feet and approached the girl, instead of waving her away, however. 


"It is perfectly alright, child," Loraine said as she drew closer. "You haven't interrupted anything you weren't already invited to. Please, if you've nothing else pulling you away, come rest and have some tea." She waited a second, then grinned, dropping her voice to a whisper.  "I promise there is no ulterior motive. No poison in the tea, and the kitchen made these little cakes just for us. I'd weigh a ton and my warder will leave me if I eat them all myself. I doubt these two will help eat very many, either. Perhaps afterwards I can tell you where to find whatever it is that you're looking for?" 



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Blue eyes widened slightly as the Aes Sedai approached her, and for a moment she froze in place, still dipped in that ridiculous curtsy. Ariani waited to be sent 

off on some chore or to be reprimanded for disturbing a private party, but instead she was invited to sit and partake. She hardly had time to drop her shoes and 

slip them back on before the Sister was gently ushering her off towards the table. 



"But I really should..." she started, still somewhat confused by what was going on. A Sister invites you to tea and you're going to decline? Sit down, you woolheaded 

fool!  "Thank you," she finished as she sat down, nervously straightening her skirts. She glanced quickly at the others seated, another Aes Sedai and an Accepted that she 

knew, Kira. Kira was one of the few people that Ariani had been around alone, granted it was while the Accepted was teaching her to read. She had decided that she had 

liked Kira though, she actually seemed to be kind and Ariani was grateful that she had been able to teach her. She flashed the Accepted a quick smile and then lowered her 

gaze to the table. 


This was, by far, the most fancy tea that Ariani had ever seen. There were dainty little cups and plates, with several different little cakes and biscuits. She had been used to a 

honeycake from time to time and a mug filled with some sort of liquid that they claimed was tea. She was suddenly reminded of how out of place she felt in the Tower, among 

all of the seemingly proper Sisters and the girls who had come from noble families. Etiquette was not something that one picked up roaming the streets of Caemlyn or in the 

Foregate. Ariani had no idea of how she should act, so she sat quietly and waited to be spoken to first. 


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Loraine smiled as the girl sat down, and poured her a cup of tea before she settled into a chair nearby. She waited for her to pick up her cup, but she seemed to be trying to sink into the chair. Loraine's smile widened a bit. Truth be known, it drove her crazy that Novices and Accepted were scared to death to say something to an Aes Sedai. Am I not just a woman? she asked inwardly.


"So," she said, reaching for her cup of tea and tipping it against her lips. She returned it back to the saucer and smiled at the newcomer. "I don't believe I've seen you around the Tower. Have you been here very long?" She shook her head, laughing softly. "Pardon my manners, please. I am Loraine, of the Green Ajah, though quite without a shawl to prove it. What is your name?" 


She waited for an answer from the Novice, silently adding a bit more sugar and cream to her tea and steeping the steel infuser a bit more, waiting to see if the girl picked up on the cues on what to do with the tea. 



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"Not very long, Loraine Sedai," Ariani replied as she chose honey for her tea, "I keep to myself mostly, and focus on what I am here to do."  

She briefly turned her gaze to a patch of flowers near the table and then back to the Aes Sedai, "I am Ariani Cairawyn," she introduced herself 

in a melodic tone. 



She sipped her tea and allowed herself to take in this part of the garden, it seemed more calm here. The training yards were nearby, and yet you 

could not hear the sounds of swordplay or the shouts from the trainees. It was a whole world within a world. Ariani sat back in her seat and allowed 

a thoughtful expression to cross her face, returning her gaze to the Aes Sedai, she asked, "What is it that you do exactly? I mean, you cannot possibly 

spend all of your time waiting for battle. There must be more to it than Warders and battle."


She briefly wondered if that question was too bold, but she dismissed the thought as quickly as it manifested, figuring 'Why not?'. She had become very 

blunt and forceful during her time spent on the streets, and saw no reason to change it now. Besides, she was capable of coating her tongue with silver if it 

was necessary, and in this place, there never seemed to be a need. She picked out a small cake and nibbled on it slowly as she awaited the Aes Sedai's response.





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Erlene shared a knowing look with the head baker over the top of the frosted almond cake. The crushed sugar icing had been a family recipe and helping make it had brought memories of spending time in the kitchen at the estate to the forefront. She knew if the Aes Sedai caught her down here-not for chores, but for the sheer familiarity of the kitchens in a strange new place- she'd likely end up on the business end of the Mistress of Novice's favorite switch. It was her very first free day in the Tower since she had her name put in the Novice Book, and she had come down to find the kitchens a whirl of activity. It seemed some of the Greens were throwing a tea party. No one had said a word when she threw herself into the work like one born to it. Now, the last cake was iced and she would become a hindrance not a help soon.


"You should go to the party," the baker said. Erlene frowned at the other woman. Go to the party? Why she was partially covered in flour and sugar! The apron she had taken from the pile in the pantry had saved her dress, but the rest of her was a mess. The baker woman got a stern look on her face. "You can clean up and go up on your own, or I can order you to take this last cake there in person." The very idea of being seen covered in cooking ingredients being her first impression to an Aes Sedai was mortifying. She sighed and wiped her somewhat sticky fingers on one of the few clean spots on her apron. If she ever wanted to spend some time in the kitchen for enjoyment, she'd better follow the other woman's suggestions. She nodded, blonde curls flying about her head, and tossed her apron on the growing pile of dirty ones. 


Erlene practically ran to her room. She washed up quickly, redoing the kerchief that covered most of her blonde ringlets and putting on a freshly ironed white dress just in case. Feeling anxious, this would be the first time she was attending an event like this as something other than a servant, she headed down the hallways and out into the garden. She did her best to try to school her features into what she thought Aes Sedai calm would look like. She ended up looking more like a frightened hare. Taking a deep breath, she walked into the section of the gardens holding the tea party. Four other woman were already there: two in green dresses who were clearly Aes Sedai, an Accepted in a white banded dress, and a fellow novice.

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OOC: Sorry so short. ;) 




Out of the corner of her eye, Ariani spied another novice enter the garden. She recognized the girl as Erlene, her friend...the only friend 

that she had dared to make at the Tower. She silently thanked the Creator for sending her down here, but pretended not to notice her entrance, 

instead keeping her deep blue gaze fixed on the Aes Sedai. Erlene had been trying to teach her etiquette, but all they had managed so far was to 

teach Ariani how to speak and how not to swear like a drunken sailor. As far as manners for a party such as this, she was still clueless. Thankfully, 

Erlene would be here to deliver her shins a good swift kick under the table if she began making a fool of herself. Ariani's legs already ached at the 

thought of it. Erlene was a tiny thing, but she was anything but weak. 

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Before her questions could be answered, Kira saw a novice enter the garden.  Kira immediately recognized Ariani.  Kira had been teaching her how to read and was proud of the progress that Ariani had made.  Kira smiled at Ariani and continued nibbling at her scone.  Kira saw that Ariani wasn't quite sure about how to behave at this event.


"Hello, Ariani, I hope you are doing well today," Kira said smiling before taking a sip of her tea.


Kira was happy to see the event picking up.  She often found that she was more comfortable in groups than by herself.  It must have been because her time at the inn.  Having finished her scone, Kira helped herself to another pastry.


Very soon, another novice arrived.  Kira did not recognize this novice, but it appeared that Ariani recognized her.  Kira greeted the newcomer with a smile and a nod.

Kira kept silent as the other girl approached the tables.  She felt that now would be a good time to observe, but she was polite enough to introduce herself, “Hello, I’m Kira.  It’s nice to meet you.”


Kira let the girl get settled in before turning once more to the Green Sisters, “I’m coming closer and closer to choosing an Ajah, so I would like to know why you joined the Green Ajah.  What drew you to join the Battle Ajah?  Do you spend all of your time training? Do you use weapons besides the One Power?”

Kira sat back and waited.  She wasn’t sure what Ajah she wanted to join, so getting to speak with some of the Sisters would be helpful.

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Kathleen sipped at her tea, forcing the shock of her face as the hot liquid stung her lips. Setting the cup aside to let it cool she locked eyes with the girl, Kira she had said, who had taken up the bait of the dagger at her side. She was about to answer the girl's questions when more girl's in white came to join the table. Loraine welcomed each as they came and Kathleen gave a warm smile to each as they all stared at the display as if to find the hidden snake that would strike at them in some sort horrible prank.


Aes Sedai did not prank, or at least, they did not prank the Novices and Accepted and they wouldn't share the fact that they had pranked their sisters even if they had. Each girl seemed to piece that together and let the skepticism drop from their faces as they approached the table. When they were seated and introduced, served their tea and offered some cakes, Kira repeated her question and Kathleen didn't waste time to let another come interrupting before she answered the poor girl.


"Here" Kathleen said, slipping the dagger free and handing it Kira for closer inspection. "Since you're familiar with them, and I presume you've not held one in some time, go on and try this one out. Careful not to do any damage though, I do keep it sharp." She glanced to Loraine as she spoke, I know, I know, playing with dagger's at a fancy tea is hardly prim and proper...but we are hardly prim or proper now are we? She thought.


"As to your questions then, yes we prepare for the Last Battle, but that is not the only battle which needs attention and it is not the only battle on which we of the Battle Ajah focus.


Being Aes Sedai, we have a tactical advantage in having the ability to channel. It would be foolish not to focus on honing that, and to not think of it as out main weapon. There is a saying we have in the Green Ajah, We Are the Weapon. There are others who cannot channel who devoted years to being the best they can be with other weapons. Most Sisters find it wise to increase their arsenal with such people. Having a better chance at coming out on top by having the more skilled people doing what they are most skilled at, understand?


Now, each sister is an individual, and as such we each make our own decisions on how we go about training, preparing and serving the Ajah. Some Greens, then, do find training with traditional weapons to be a good back to have, just in case or as a last resort. Others rely solely on the One Power and their ability to out wit. Some take on numerous warders, others take one, other's still choose to ride alone. 


And on another note, battles are not always bloody, violent, aggressive messes. In fact, the majority of the battles my sisters and I fight are done quietly, early, and precisely done to avoid things getting to the point of being bloody, violent, aggressive messes. It seems that fact can often be lost on some people who do not take the time to attempt to truly understand what it is we Greens are all about."


Kathleen reached to her tea and slowly brought it to her lips, testing gently to see if it had cooled enough before she allowed the liquid to reach her. 


~ Kathleen Vandiar

Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah

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Kira could only imagine the look on her face as Kathleen Sedai passed the dagger across the table to her.  Kira looked from the dagger to Kathleen and when the woman smiled back, Kira knew she was being serious.  Kira unsheathed the blade.  Even though it had been ten years since Kira had held a blade, the weapon still felt familiar in her hand.  The blade itself was well balanced and had a good weight to it.  Upon looking at the weapon, it was very cleared that Kathleen Sedai took very good care of it.  As Kathleen Sedai had said, the blade was sharp and there was no hint of corrosion on it.


Kira moved the blade back and forth, feeling the movements come back to her naturally, although those who have trained would have notice that she had not held one in quite sometime.  After testing the blade for a few more moments, Kira resheathed the dagger and handed it back to Kathleen.


"Thank you very much," Kira said.  "I've not held a blade in ten years.  Thank you also for your insight on the Green Ajah.  I'd always thought of the Green Sisters on a great field of battle with swords glinting in the sunlight.  It's good to know that there are many different types of battles that the Green Ajah chooses to fight.  I think an actual battle would be really scary."


Kira paused and took another sip of her tea and thought of the confrontations she had been involved with in Ebou Dar.  They were mostly from men who got a little fresh, but she never really fought them.  Her father had always stepped in to prevent her from intervening.  She then though about battle, and didn't know if she could handle that.


Kira found herself deep in though and continued to sip her tea for another moment before talking to the novices present, "I'm sorry, I've been sort of hogging all of the questions.  Do you ladies have anything to ask the Aes Sedai?"

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Face red with indignation and mouth set in a fixed scowl, Ellisha Falwein – now a woman of twenty four and in her seventh year of Novicehood, stalked across the Tower grounds feeling angry at herself. She had long thought she was in control of her temper, yet after spending lessons with Seheria Sedai – that insufferable woman - of the Yellow Ajah, Ellisha had found herself come very close to shouting back at the full sister: an action that would most likely have merited her seeing the end of Mistress of Novice’s favourite strap.


A figure strode up next to her as she walked and Ellisha gave Aril Corland; the fiery haired Novice she had taken up calling her friend, a sideways look as the woman levelled a good natured smile towards her. On any other given day, Ellisha would’ve returned that smile. It was so very hard not to feel cheerful around Aril. The girl had an unbound sense of curiosity and an endless score of energy stored that it was on the point of being infectious. Ellisha did not feel like laughing today however, she didn’t even feel like talking – a fact Aril seemed to have conveniently given a wide berth to.


“Well, that sure was fun now wasn’t it? Hey! Where you going?” she said as Ellisha increased her walking speed, utilized her longer strides to gain some distance between herself and the other Novice. Aril began trotting and was soon beside Ellisha again. “I’m impressed with how well you did back there.”


Ellisha stopped dead in the water and stared at the other woman, her eyes wide with surprise. “You’re What Now?” It took Aril a few extra steps before she managed to lose her forward momentum and turn around to face Ellisha.
“Said I thought you did really well in that Aes Sedai dialogue class,” her friend’s left eyebrow rose in a perplexed expression. “The way you handled yourself under that bombardment Seheria Sedai was giving you, the others might have thought you to be a full sister already.”


Ellisha was stunned. A full sister? An Aes Sedai? Ellisha Falwein did nothing of the sort.
“I did what I thought was right.” She said, feeling decisively uneasy all of a sudden. That had been the last thing she had been expecting to hear from her. She had actually done well?  Had she really handled herself like an Aes Sedai back there? She was no stranger to wiggling out of tight corners, be it physical or verbal. Being once part of the Sea trade, she had to have a cool head and a sharp sense of direction. But being an Aes Sedai? – Really, it was probably just the girl’s wild sense of imagination running off again. Ellisha Falwein was no Aes Sedai. Well, not yet anyway.


“I don’t think that’s right Aril, I’m no sister and I don’t pretend to be.”
The girl perked up and grinned broadly. “And that’s what makes it even more AMAZING.” she said and Ellisha eyed her as she bobbed up and down on the heels of her feet. “You’re don’t even realise you’re doing it.”


Now itt was Ellisha’s turn to raise an eyebrow.
“Just exactly what, do you think I do that makes me look like a flaming Aes Sedai?”


The girl considered for a moment, and then glanced back towards Ellisha.
“I don’t really know how to explain it. It’s just the way you hold yourself when Seheria Sedai was testing you. The other Novices in the room were all blubbering like five year olds, by the time she was done with them, but you… You just sat there and stared back at her. And the things she said to you, my – I was feeling shaky just hearing them!”  


What Aril and the other Novices in her class probably didn’t realise, was how close she had been to slapping the other woman – Aes Sedai or not. Yet she had controlled herself – be it only by a sword’s edge, and had fired back what she thought was the appropriate responses at the time. She didn’t try and pretend Aes Sedai calm, like what some of the other Novices had evidently tried – and failed. It seemed much easier to maintain an emotion like minor annoyance, like dealing with a particularly persistent house fly, rather than harbouring no inner emotion at all. She didn’t try anything fancy. She just did what was necessary.


They began walking again, Ellisha taking the lead whilst Aril followed beside her to the right. Odd how these things turn out, Ellisha thought as they made their way down the stairway from the Tower to one of its lower wings.


A new summer season had arrived in Tar Valon and along with it came the uncomfortable heat. Staying indoor was suicide and no Novice in their right mind would choose to remain behind if given the choice. If there was one thing that flaming Aes Sedai dialogue class had going for it, it was that it actually allowed herself and Aril half a day off once per cycle, as there was to be no other lessons scheduled after it. Unconsciously, she realised, though her foot must have known where she wanted to go from the very beginning, she was heading towards one of the outdoor gardens at the base of the Tower. The one near the warder’s training yard.


They walked down even more stairs and turned the corner when Ellisha noticed as she entered; there were already other occupants in the garden – and lots of them. Her eyes travelled over to the two green sisters, their Ajahs discernable from the colour fringes on the shawls they wore, though only Aes Sedai would be ‘inhuman’ enough to wear something like that in this heat. There was also a scattering of Accepted and even a few Novices, all who sat on cushy chairs and were drinking tea from one of the small tables.


Ellisha looked to her side and eyed Aril as the two of them stood at the garden entrance. The little woman shrugged and Ellisha did likewise. What the hell, she thought as she nodded and the two of them made their way inside.


One of the Accepted, Ellisha thought she recognised from one of her first classes in the White Tower, was holding a dagger and was waving it about experimentally. She raised an eyebrow as she walked past the initiate. She herself had once been a fan of dagger and other small arms before she came to the Tower. So it was safe to say she was no stranger in this department. The woman was probably trying to test the quality of the dagger, but was waving it about like it was a bloody sword.  She could seriously hurt some if she’s not careful. A dagger was not a long sword; you did not need to test its balance and weight by slashing it about. A good look at the edges and a few twirls around the palm should be more than sufficient to determine the quality of the blade. Even without the dagger in her hand, Ellisha could already tell it was a fine weapon.


The types she used to carry had been centred on functionality, the ones that you could drop from any height and could be relied upon to cut a rope when pulled. This weapon however looked to be too finely crafted for that. Yet the gleam and the way the steel reflected off the sunlight told it was also razor sharp and well oiled. Probably belongs to one of the Aes Sedai.


She turned her attention to one of them now. Aril dropped a curtsy as the two of them came to a halt before one of the seated Green sisters. Ellisha begrudgingly followed suit, though her own attempt felt clumsy and unpractised compared to her friend’s. Despite having been in the Tower for nearly seven years, she had avidly attempted to avoid the gesture whenever possible, and had earned her fair share of pennants to see the Mistress of Novices because of it. She did it now, just not to insult. They were trying to get on this Sister’s good side afterall – so it was probably better to act normal for once. The Green sister smiled when Ellisha and Aril introduced themselves to her, and she in turn told them they were welcome to stay and ask any questions they had about the Green Ajah.


The Battle Ajah, aye? Ellisha thought as she took a seat beside Aril, who had turned her attention towards the other Green sister who was talking to the Accepted holding the dagger. She had been curious about the Greens. What did it mean to be an Aes Sedai of The Battle Ajah. She had read enough to know that the Greens pride themselves on preparing for the last battle, and that they usually bonded more than one warder for protection.


She accepted the tea cup from one of the tables then turned her attention back to the two Green sisters to ask her question.


“You won’t mind me asking Aes Sedai. But what would you say are the most admirable qualities you look for in candidates of the Green? Slightly curious, as I’m not entirely certain which Ajah I’ll be choosing just yet.” Not certain if I even want to be Aes Sedai, she did not say. At least, not -their- kind anyway. She took a sip at her tea. It really was some nice tea, but she would’ve preferred Kaff any day. She settled her cup back down on the saucer.


~Ellisha Falwein
Novice of the White Tower.

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Loraine smiled at the newcomer, tilting her head a bit to the side as she considered her answer. "I'm pleased you could join us! I am Loraine. What is your name?" She nodded at the girl's response and continued.



"Aes Sedai come in all shapes and sizes, no matter which Ajah you walk into. Most Ajahs look for the same qualities, I think: self control, dedication to their purpose, and loyalty to their sisters, being the biggest ones I can imagine. With the Greens, however," she paused and her smile widened a bit. "We need women you are all of those things and more. Those who aspire to the Greens must possess a desire to be always pushing towards the last battle. They must acknowledge that, even though every Ajah in this Tower posseses a bit of sacrifice, we are prepared to sacrifice everything to protect the Light against the darkness. We train, we fight, and we protect. Whether by steel or weave, we are the thorns in the Dark One's foot."


Her smile was at odds with the words coming from her lips, but she didn't drop it as she spoke. "What qualities do you bring to the Tower, child? And which qualities are you choosing to nourish while you are here?"



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Kathleen watched Loraine over the rim of her teacup as she gave her answer to the new-comer. The girl seemed to be full of emotion, though she did a decent job of hiding it. It always seemed as though it should be a surprise to hear that question, but it never was. It seemed as though the most natural course of thought should be to figure out what Ajah your skills and desires are best suited for, but it rarely was the way any novice or accepted approached her to discuss ajah choice.


They seemed to think the ajahs chose them, as though Aes Sedai would wander about recruiting. Didn't these children know that they choice the Ajah they would join? But then, she couldn't hold this curiosity of desirable characteristics again the girls, she herself had asked the same obvious question in her youth, and had heard the same response her sister was now giving. 


She supposed the good part of this question was that it showed the children were thinking of their futures, and that was surprisingly lacking quality in a lot of the novices. And to have the nerve to ask after it, when asking for advice on qualities would surely only demand more watchful eyes to see if you show them, showed great courage. 


She sat her cup down and let a small smile take her cheeks as she waited eagerly for the girl's reply. 


Katheen Vandiar

Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah

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Ellisha eyed the woman across from her with speculative eyes, the cup with the tea temporary forgotten in her hands. There were words coming out of the Green’s mouth but Ellisha thought she had heard the same response before. It was a prepared answer, she decided as she allowed her green emerald eyes to unfocussed slightly from the stately Sister. She noticed the other Green was now staring at her, having concluded her conversation with the black haired Accepted.


‘What qualities do you bring to the Tower, child?’ the first Green suddenly asked as Ellisha blinked in surprise. The Aes Sedai still held a practiced smile to her lips, yet the words held razor sharpness to them. What could -she- bring to the Tower? She contemplated; the thought an alien concept to her.
‘I… umm.’ She glanced at the other Green sitting next to her. Both Aes Sedai were now staring at her, obviously interested in what and how she was going to respond.


She had never considered the question before. In fact, she was almost certain the thought had never in her time at the Tower, crossed anywhere near her mind. She was going to have to answer soon, as the two Sisters were still waiting and the silence between them was about to reach the point of awkward. ‘Determination would be one I guess. I know I usually achieve something I aim for.’
Ellisha wasn’t certain if she was any good at making sacrifices like the Green suggested. In her opinion, if she was forced to make any sacrifice, then it was more than likely she was doing something wrong.


She wondered what else she was going to say. It was decisively uncomfortable talking about one’s personality out loud to strangers. What you said about yourself could be interpreted in a million different ways; sometimes reinforcing inflated opinions or unjustified superstitions. Much better to remain incongruous.
‘I’m a fast learner.’ That was certainly true. She also had a thirst for knowledge. But that, like she said, was probably a bit too much to be throwing out in the open.
‘My mother used to say I’m devious too, though I think I prefer calling it my ingenuity.’
That was probably enough, she thought as she used the excuse to bring the cup to her lips. Pulling a full stop to the short list she had conjured up on the spot. It held enough meat for the two Aes Sedai to muse over -probably- though it held enough back for her to fall back upon if needed.  


~Ellisha Falwein
Novice of the White Tower


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Loraine smiled as the girl seemed to spit out things that came to her. Careful things, Loraine noted, though she kept that to herself. She watched a bit more carefully for a few moments, giving the girl the impression that she was contemplating what she'd let slip. "What do you suppose is the difference between deviousness and ingenuity?" She asked, dropping a cube of sugar in her teacup. "I prefer to consider myself both!" 


She steeped a carefully chosen tea in the water she added to her cup, then removed the infuser and tapped the small spoon lightly on the rim before setting it aside. "I suppose the true question here, is which Ajah do you consider yourself to have the most in common with? The world knows what each of us stand for, so there's no need to pretend you don't. I promise not to be offended if you're answer is not the Greens," she grinned, her eyes dancing. "How can we help you find your way home, child?"



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The Green sipped at her tea, and Ellisha mentally narrowed her eyes. The Sister had seemed to consider her response after she had given it, though somehow, Ellisha could still feel the probbing stick of inquisition eminating from those seemingly casual questions. She had long ago found not all Aes Sedai wear the emotionless mask of serenity. Some like this one, often let show very humanoid emotions. Yet - that did not mean Aes Sedai were not creatures of deception. For however much they tried to hide it, underneath, all women of the Tower, scheme and mask their real intentions beneath one pretence or another. Ellisha was certain this was the case now, though this particular Green was obviously a master of the art, for the brown haired Novice hadn't a clue what the women's really wanted with her. Maybe she was thinking too much into it, Ellisha considered, studying the proud, yet homely Aes Sedai with a critical eye.


The Green's next response came as a surprise. 'The difference between devious and ingenuity?' she asked, repeating the Aes Sedai's question. ​​What game was this women playing at? 'I consider the two to be one of the same thing. You must be resourceful to be both ingenius, and devious.' A pause followed as Ellisha considered what she was to say next. 'I think the only difference is how people interpret. In some ways, I think those who call others devious, are the ones who got the wrong end of the bargain.' She felt the response didn't matter. It was most likely a smoke screen from the Green to hide behind and perhaps get a better angle to study Ellisha. Which was why Ellisha had returned with a casual, and very forgettable response.


The topic then quickly returned to the choice of Ajahs, from which it began, and Ellisha listened as the Green went into a bit more detail about how one went about choosing an Ajah. She finished with; 'How can we help you home, child?'


Once again, Ellisha paused. Carefully considering her response. 'I'm yet uncertain where my path would lead, Aes Sedai.' she began, her eyes still fixated on the first Green Sister. 'I consider myself to be many things, and it would be considered "premature" to decide upon a path this early. I am... still a Novice afterall.' She was giving a blanket statement, though it hid enough of the truth for the Green to see if she looked hard enough. 'At the moment, I am just looking where each path would lead. And so far, you'll be glad to hear, the path towards the Green Ajah is one of my strongest considerations.' She gave the woman a smile, though it held just the right amount of mischief to tell the Green that Ellisha wasn't as easy manipulated as the others. Or at least... She hope she wasn't being manipulated.


​​~Ellisha Falwein

Novice of the White Tower




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