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    • Hope the interview went well, Lily! 
    • True. It's just when I think tech giant, I think $$$. Wiki is always asking for donations.   In something like this, it's relatively benign example of censorship, even for Wikipedia. It doesn't really change much of anything... The point can be argued either way based upon the way Green Peace was 'founded', and amounts to drama between two or more parties than hard facts. Now when Google censors Anti-Vaxxer propaganda, I tend to care far less about censorship of those ideas...  Because Anti-Vaxxers through their actions/inaction cause death, and harm the public health as a whole. Largely though from my experience, Google looks to be pretty hands off on most things... (Caveat here is, they, like other tech companies are getting pressured to censor anti-vaxxers lately... Thank goodness.)   But then there are times there's soo much data out there, so much information that Google prioritizes the new information over the old information, which makes it difficult to find a similar case with similar actors that happened a year ago, which can and does alter the public sphere on what happened now versus then, making it harder to draw parallels and gauge how the public opinion on such things have changed.   Example, google R. Kelly Lawsuit. How many pages before you get to his 2002 lawsuit?   Probably. All I can gather about it is the guy's been on the outs from Green Peace for awhile because of his stance on climate change, and other stuff. Whether the other founders saw the interview, got mad, de-listed him. Other Green Peacers, or even one of his or other right-wing fans of the shows he was on did it to stir the pot against raging liberals. I dunno. Side Note: I don't agree with him on climate change, but I do agree with him on Nuclear and some other stuff he has said.  
    • I'm in and out on this 😕
    • Could just be his statements alerted people to the wiki which they corrected?   https://www.greenpeace.org/usa/news/greenpeace-statement-on-patric/   Greenpeace statement on Patrick Moore:   Patrick Moore Did Not Found Greenpeace Patrick Moore frequently portrays himself as a founder or co-founder of Greenpeace, and many news outlets have repeated this characterization. Although Mr. Moore played a significant role in Greenpeace Canada for several years, he did not found Greenpeace. Phil Cote, Irving Stowe, and Jim Bohlen founded Greenpeace in 1970. Patrick Moore applied for a berth on the Phyllis Cormack in March, 1971 after the organization had already been in existence for a year. A copy of his application letter and Greenpeace’s response are available here (PDF).  
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