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Welcome our brand new Executive Officer!!


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He has been immensely helpful as a historian and as Red Arm Leader, and know that he will do an awesome and amazing job as our newest XO (although this is his third or fourth time doing so?).


So, many congratulations all around I guess lol *hands Horn, and ONLY Horn, an MG Brew for all of his hard work previously and all of his hard work to come)

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*drinks the MG Brew before any pesky people try to steal it*


Thanks everyone! With Brid moving on up the ranks, I am returning to my post, and like before, I am very excited about the direction the Band is taking, and my entire aim will be to continue to help the Band in its path toward greatness. At Brid's outgoing suggestion, in upcoming weeks there will be some staff decisions regarding the Recruit Program as we continue to try to find out what works best for our social group.


The transition into the XO spot and out of the RAL spot will not be completely sudden as I have a week and a half LOLA starting tomorrow (road trip to see family), but I will do my best to make both transitions as smooth as possible!


And... since it is military tradition for the promoted to celebrate by buying rounds for everyone...


*exits for a few minutes, and returns from his secret stash with a keg*


Thanks to a rather raucous brawl and a clever Sarmation Knight stealing Corki's keys a few years back, I managed to walk away with a few kegs of MG Brew... so this round is on me! 25 pints on the house! (Jea, I promise I'll never give out this much again, unless you ever hand over the reigns!)

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Congrats Hero!!!  :laugh:   I think this is the first time I've been Sr. Staff at the same time as you.  Now I really have to bring my A game.  *winks*


This is gonna be Legen.....wait for it...



















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Grats Horn!

I'm first in line for the MG Brew however!


*laughs as stands out of the way already drinking the first MG Brew*



I already posted who got the MG Brew and it looks, yep, he has already drank it. So, best get to doing something awesome so I think you deserve an MG Brew (NO dice you no longer can find my secret stash. A wizard helped me hide it!)

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lol Jea, I was nice and donated a substantial amount from my stash in celebration! Fortunately for you, that lowers my inventory significantly, so my liberal sharing of my smuggled goods can't be done often...


Good, and I don't foresee you getting the reigns any time soon :wink: You'd give out too much brew!!! 

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