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Okay everyone,

I'm starting a group for our banders on Skype so we'll have a place to chat. If you want to be included, post your Skype name here and someone who is already a part of it will add you.


Forum Name - Skype Name




Ahmyra al'Ruley - Amanda.neisner
BlomBesie - mili_tienkie
DiceTosser1 - dicetosser1 
F Horn of Valere - fhornofvalere
Jea - jeannaisais
Nikon - ssjspencer@msn.com
Panchi - pankhuri.saxena9
Ryrin - Boyzmomee
Shadar Alantin - shadar.alantin
Starrik - benjamin.matthews.gin
Taymist - Taymist
Thane Vakarian - Thane Vakarian
The Bard Babe - hannah.harley19 
WolfbrotherKronos - LordKronos87
Zander - zander.d1

Andrej - drewjones89
Auld Mandriva - Biiware
BFG - fhealey83
BridMorgan - BridMorgan
Corvhin Raikhan - jlgarner84
Davrick - daveoroark
Hallia - lyndsey_bond
Lazy - morkwalker
Matrim Hat-rim - arthur.hertwich
Mayleigh Aes Sedai - meganparsons88
Nyanna - nyannadm
Rasheta Ardashir - alassenya
Thorkin Barrimore - thorkinbarrimore

Basel - mtk1701@hotmail.com
Belar ‘Al Darkwain - Darkwain
Blank - adele.moore17
Cindy - cindysheindy
Direwolf Jon - direwolfjon
Dors Olivaw - dors.maherally 
Izabella - lisa.may.crowell 
Nicana - live:nicagirl2
Tonnalea - Tonnalea deMontgomerie
wheeloftime13 - wheeloftime13



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