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Local Boyz Hawaiian Cafe, Corvallis, Oregon

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One of my favorite restaurants in the world is Local Boyz Hawaiian Cafe, in Corvallis, Oregon. Corvallis lives up to its names latin origin-- it is the heart of the Willamette Valley--so it is a good 20-30 minutes out of the way from I-5, the main interstate in Oregon, running from Canada to Mexico. Chances are, you will only ever visit Corvallis as a detour to Newport, Oregon (one of the main Oregon Coast destinations), or to a sporting event at Oregon State University. If you are in town for a football game, give Local Boyz a try!


Restaurant Food: 4.5/5

Restaurant Atmosphere: 2/5

Menu Example: Sweet Shoyu Chicken. (See the entire menu here.)

Pricing: $ (pricing is comparable to a diner)

Location: Corvallis, Oregon, across from campus on the corner of 14th and Monroe. Parking is very limited on weekdays due to student parking.


Local Boyz prides itself in authentic Hawaiian barbecue, and it certainly has a well-known reputation backing up the claim-- it is a favorite for the large polynesian population in Oregon State's football team, who unanimously attest to its authenticity. If you have ever had Korean barbecue, it is fairly similar in style, but less spicy and more tangy. 


Food quality and quantity

All plate combinations come in three sizes. I recommend the medium size, but the small size is still satisfying for the average non-male college student. As the prices are slightly higher than I would prefer, I usually get water, but the prices are still fairly reasonable, even if a little high for my taste.

Quality-wise, this is some of the best food in Corvallis, if not the entire Willamette Valley. The meat is juicy and tender, and each combination plate come with rice and sinfully delicious macaroni salad. I don't even like macaroni salad, and I love theirs! Rice can be substituted for vegetables. The only knock on the menu is that if you are looking for something healthy, this is not the place for you. Try Pita Pit a level below!


Restaurant Atmosphere

The location leaves a lot to be desired and is usually really crowded-- it certainly has a location to match its locally-owned status--so I generally like to get my food to-go. The only drawback is that "da sauce" (a secret recipe) is only free when dining in. The dining room feels run down and is not the cleanest as customers bus their own tables.


Overall, I give Local Boyz a 4/5. If it were 5-10% cheaper, or if it had more space inside, it could easily be bumped up to 5/5. 

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