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    • Isn't your reply an answer?
    • You have a photo album in your house.  You invite me in your home. You say "Here have a look at the family photo album" I then proceed to post it for everyone on the internet.   Same thing, different technology.
    • News Papers are a bit more reputable than the random #fakenews website that grannies share on FB. Like, even the Inquirer is more reputable than some of these organizations that brand themselves as news...
    • I translated this song, Minne paha haudattin, a long tine ago. I would like to try again   Where evil was buried   The song it groans and it flees from here, its cries I have heard the thrust of the swell of the open sea to have made to words The churches, temples, did I build for it I deceived, I did suffer, by deceit di it protect it from myself   Did I love truly or as in songs replacing sencitivity with strenght, with will   I though quietude a languange, I so thought I heard all though it was not said. I saught a direction that is directionless, at the sea of infinity did I set to build a house   Where evil was buried there bury me   Don't go -- now that it feels worse -- than to die amidst a nightmare -- where one has not done naught good -- to anyone     Now the skies glow blossoming fire. water laps but heavily bronzen upon the deeps. On the air one senses Autumn swallows fly recall frosts of winter and flee   Beyond a breath of life there is set forth a landscape of fear, this is what drives the singer  
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