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Roll Call for June 2013 - ALL members please read the 1st post and take the Poll !


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  1. 1. Would you prefer

    • To have structured Events, Discussions, Games, etc to keep you occupied
    • Do you just want to hang around and do your own thing when you feel like it
    • Have more inter-Ajah/Guild competitions
    • Have more inter-Org competitions

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Luciena - Initiate 


I voted for the first 2, i like the structure but i also hang around everywhere really 

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Rhea - Aes Sedai - White Ajah


The first 3...I like a little competition!

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Kathleen Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah.


I love the WT, but its a casual love. I like to come and go as I please and while I like to have things to do when I'm here, like participate in discussions and play games I don't like being locked into things or being expected to do work (unless I'm on staff here at the time).

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Tigara - Yellow Ajah Aes Sedai


Nothing gets me posting like the need to destroy everyone in competition. >.>

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Kaylee - initiate


I like games as well as hanging out. Both are great ways of meeting people and getting to know them. :happy:

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