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My hubby is going to Poland for a few weeks this summer for his friend's wedding. My daughter is going to her first camp this summer, a whole week away!


I personally don't have any plans other than to get out in the sun that hopefully shows up. We have nice parks and we're really close to two beaches. We have a nice tent that I was promised we'd get to camp in this year so I'm hoping for that. It will be our 4 year anniversary in July, but we're saving to do something big for our 5 year so it probably won't be to splashy this year. And my birthday is in the summer so I'll hopefully have some fun for that. 


I've had a few busy summers in the last few years with family reunions out of province where i had to travel a week to get there, a few different weddings and a 3 day concert. I was in a play last year so I kept busy all summer rehearsing for that. This is my chill out year it seems :)

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Hoping to spend a lot of time with friends that's home for the summer; I'm planning on a lot of BBQing (even if most of them are vegans and BBQ stuff like lentil burgers), chilling in the grass in parks, and maybe go to the beach a time or two. I'm also going to the capital to the hospital there for my skin; and hopefully get some meds. Celebrate 7 years with my wonderful man. And in the end of July I'm going to see MUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE. Yesssss.

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My wife and I have already had our short vacation this year. For Summer, I will probably be working over time almost every week for Mar-Bal. Also, I am continuing my education towards my Computer Information Systems degree with Columbia College. My next class starts on June 3rd.

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