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Approved BT Bio for Baren Katse - CCed by the Band

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DM Handle: Andrej

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Character Name: Baren Katse

Nationality: Amadacian

Age: 31

Physical Characteristics: 6’0”, 190lbs, straw colored blonde hair and gray eyes.

Physical Appearance: Baren is of average height and broad across the shoulders. He is heavy set both with age and years toiling as a farmer. Baren’s hair is the color most commonly associated with hay or straw, unruly and thick although he keeps it cut short which helps make it more manageable. His face is broad, with creases at the corners of his uncommonly ocean gray eyes from years of squinting underneath a hot sun. A closely cropped beard covers his cheeks and jaw line, connecting with a bristling mustache that encircles his full lips. His skin is fair, although his face and neck hold a reddish hue from sun exposure. His demeanor is of a calm nature, often seeming sad, and he is soft spoken despite his gruff tone. Baren only has 9 fingers, the smallest finger on his left hand was lost in an accident attempting to repair a grain mill as a young man.


History: Baren was raised on a farm along the outskirts of Amador, working the same plot of land that had been in his family for generations. He is from a humble upbringing, having not lived in poverty but by no means luxury either. He had two siblings growing up and was the eldest. Reaching the appropriate age, his brother left the farm to enlist with the Children of the Light in Amador and his sister, the youngest, had died at the age of 7 from illness one particularly harsh winter. His parents passed away within the same year after Baren’s twentieth nameday, leaving him to tend the farm by himself along with his newly wedded wife, Nari.


Being a farmer had taught Baren many valuable lessons in life such as patience and perseverance; crops would occasionally go bad and the only thing a man could do was pick up his tools and work the land again for the next planting. He was used to working hard, but gradually over the years it had started to take a toll on him. With his age now, he often woke up with sore hands and creaking joints; which he ignored behind his quiet mask. The primary crops he grow were grain and tabac and with his experience he was able to recognize good soil when he saw it. Along with his knowledge of agriculture, Baren has a familiarity with farming tools and equipment. He was no craftsman, but when things around the farm needed fixing he always found a way to rig them back into functionality.


At the age of 25, Nari died in childbirth along with his unborn son. For 5 years Baren had mourned her loss in a drunken solitude. He struggled understanding why the Creator would take his beloved wife and drowned his sorrows in grain liquor from the family still; another trade his family operated although less openly. Those years had gone by in a haze, the worst time of his life, where Baren spent his days drinking instead of tending the crops as he should. Slowly, the farm descended into a state of disrepair. He stopped harvesting crops and the only income he gained to keep food on the table was through the illegal making of grain alcohol. He had heard in passing one day from one of the buyers about a new place that was taking in men and giving them a new way of life. He had heard the rumors from others, but each told a different tale. He no longer had a direction in his life, a purpose, but one evening while he sat on the steps of his rickety porch he made the decision. He would join these men, despite the damning rumors of them being men that could channel, and therefore resurrect the life he had thrown away. He would go to this Black Tower, as he had heard it called, and have himself tested.


That night he drained the last of the clay bottle’s contents and packed the few belongings he had left to his name before burning the farmhouse in which his family had lived in for generations. He had watched the house burn until it was nothing but a heaping pile of embers before he turned away from his old way of life and began the journey towards his new one.

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