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Welcome Vam to the BT!

Basel Gill

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Mmmmm... *noms*


Welcome to the tower of madness! Great to see you here. Many of us already know you but please sit down, eat some brownies and answer some questions. Who is your favourite asha´man? Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi? Do your voices keep you up at nigth? If not, please give me some advise how to shut them up. 


You will soon be added to our private boards. It will probably be in the beginning of next week. Until then, jump into any spam threads or start one of your own. 

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Welcome welcome Vam :biggrin:


It's so lovely you decided to join us. Here be Dragons and Spam and Brownies galore!


And we also have brilliant games and mafia too. Truly we are the Pringles of the Social Groups.




And we welcome people with moustaches too! You may or may not have one. Do you have a moustache?


And once you get access to our private boards you can join our latest Saidin Class and sign up for the 100 questions game to earn oodles of points and learn how to fight with the one power.


And in the meantime see if you can win the award for the most obscure derailing own your own Welcome Thread :laugh:

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You don't have to have your own photobucket. Just go to the site and type in a search term - a load of images will pop up. Find one you like then click on the little wheel at the top right hand side of it. Then click on the IMG version of the link (for forums) and it will auto copy it for you.


Paste it here and tadaaaaaa!

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