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I hate summers


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I always want a little house on wheels.


Not a caravan but a little house with wheels and when you wake up in the morning you're in another place.


I read a book about this once when I was a kid. It had bunnies in it and ever since then I want a house just like it.


Caravan is a disappointment.

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Supposed to be going to an outdoor concert tonight and it's STILL feckin chilly! Starting to hate my Summer too, though, technically it IS still spring.......but STILL!! Bring on the sunshine damn it!!!


oh, and hello Pralaya!

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Your winter sounds like our spring...


Where are you again Mills? Not very good with geography


Altho when I was at school I was really good. Came first in my class and everything all through high school


What happens in the meantime?

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