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I hate summers


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Does that coloring scale have anything for clear coats or translucent paints? I think i would gauge somewhere there for skin tone. lol My skin hates me! I burn and go right back to milk toast.


You can really tell the climate change here in Buffalo. Last year we had Tornadoes. First time in recorded history. Broke all of our high temps 3 times over. Our Winters are nothing like they used to be.The year before last we had not a drop of snow all Winter. Not one flake.

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Mills we didn't have any snow last winter either. But then that is normal for most of the east coast of Australia so not sure if that is really relevant.



What I don't get is the people who are wholly unwilling to make a few lifestyle changes on the OFF CHANCE you may be doing something bad to the environment. These are the types who ask for proof, and even when presenting with compelling facts and genuine reasons to change, they still find some half-arsed excuse or reason to keep going as they are.


Self entitled so-and-so's. I hates them.

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