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BT Hunger Games III: Shadar Logoth - GAME OVER -Time Wins!!!


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can't wait. The Inn seems like a cozy place though.


Indeed it is...drinks are on me :wink:



*starts drinking while Ithidar is killing people outside*


And we even have a fireplace! I could almost spend a vacation in here..

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Perrin "Chuckles" Aybara looked at all the people run away, dashing madly in three directions. He couldn't help but notice one of them run up and grab the Bow that was laying on the small pedestal before dashing away. No one else seemed to watch this happen. How could these people just turn on their friends so quick? Some of these people were strangers, sure, but he knew plenty of them. His whole life he had know them, and now they accept this madman's schemes without hesitation? He saw the rabidness in their eyes as they left him standing there to decide. But he couldn't act like this. There was something primal within him that he had never acknowledged, something that could rip all their throats out if he let it loose. He didn't know what it was, but he couldn't let it control him. So he ran, not along any of the three paths, but straight into the thickest wall of fog he could see. He ran with tears in his eyes, knowing his death would be for the best. 


Tamlin "Turin" al'Thor (TTT) was running to the Treasure Room, hoping to be one the first ones there. Unfortunately, his plan backfired and he left his back wide open to those running up behind him. Nynaeve "Tsuki the Lightie" al'Meara had other plans for that old man who spanked her as a kid for scaring his sheep and making him stay up until the light had gone from the sky retrieving his flock. She didn't consider herself a vengeful woman, but this was something that had always burned in her, and when she stepped into this city, her feelings burst into a white-hot rage. So she quickly found a good sized rock along the path and picked it up. Once she got close enough to Tam, she smashed it over his head. When he stumbled to the ground, trying to roll over in shock, she jumped on him and kept bashing the rock against his head. Blood flew everywhere around her and even splattered a couple people.


As Rand "Tina" al'Thor made his way to the Inn, he felt it was going to feel like home. He had no idea why, but he wanted to grab a flute and play. Of course, when he got to the Inn, it was in a state as sorry as the rest of the city. He was not sure why he expected anything else. He was the fastest runner, or so he assumed. Therefore, he decided to do some snooping around and find the most strategic points of this building. Sadly for our young ginger, when he went into the kitchen, Narg "Talya," the Smart Trolloc was waiting for him. He grinned and spoke to his first meal.

"Narg smart. Narg wait. Narg know someone come alone. Narg hungry."

And with that, the Trolloc ran the boy through with his sword. He dragged the body to a back room where he had found a cookpot and pulled a few logs of wood out of his pack. He began to hack away at the corpse.


Night starts at 2200 MST (1100 PST) Sunday the 19th. 



Start your plotting. Start your scheming. Most importantly, don't forget to start dying. :baalzamon:

And please include Ithi and I in your PMs for the fun. :laugh:

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The Dead are Dead. The Dead do NOT post in this Thread. Please remove the Dead from any PMs you may have them included in


Ahhhhh Turin - far too tasty to leave alive. It will be a pleasure to clean up your body. And it will take away the taste of the Rand boy.


At least Talya ate her own kill and didn't leave the 'tidy up on Aisle Tina' to me.


Carry on with your plotting now. If you are good I may have something for you.



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As for travelling to different Locations, that will start Day 2. You will PM your choice! 




You can choose which location you wish to travel to at any time during the Day. It won't take effect until the end of Day, just before Night. 

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