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BT Hunger Games III: Shadar Logoth - GAME OVER -Time Wins!!!

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They are dead. :biggrin:

And there is only one survivor. 




Loial (aka Panchi) found a special bow the day before, and he decided to use it that night. In fact, he turned his bow toward Min "Via" Farshaw and shot her in the chest. But it wasn't before she let loose two knives that flew straight into his eyes. They died at each other's hands. 


Meanwhile, Egwene "Time" al'Vere walked amongst the corpses that hadn't been consumed by Ithidar. There were only a few left. 

True to his word, the strange man her her go. This place would haunt her forever, but she had a new steel within her. She knew she would be able to do whatever she set her mind to, and so she set off for the White Tower. 

One way or another, she would learn to be the best Aes Sedai and never have to be trapped like this. 






Egwene "Time" al'Vere!!!!

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And well played everyone else :smile:


Best get them points done by the 15th Eddie - they could come in handy for the OP Tournament.


Which this Game has finished just in time for. Excellent!


Hmmmmm in Time?



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mwahahaha... thank you all... and great job everybody!!! I've been kinda paranoid since tying in the last Hunger Games... :ph34r:

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*Does Points for Eddie*


1. Tina - 10

2. Cloud -10

3. Chuckles - 5

4. Time – 10 + 15 for 3 kills + 10 bonus for winning = 35

5. Suki the Lightie – 10 + 5 for 1 kill = 15

6. Turin - 10

7. Lenlo - 10

8. Hallia - 10 + 5 for 1 kill = 15

9. Razen - 10

10. Talya – 10 + 15 for 3 kills = 25

11. Via – 10 + 15 for 3 kills = 25

12. Leyrann - 5

13. Tigs - 10

14. RTE – 10 + 10 for 2 kills = 20

15. Panchi – 10 + 5 for 1 kill = 15

16. Berf – 10


Eddie Mod = 30

Ithi Co-Mod = 20

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