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Now accepting applications for Moridin


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Now accepting applications for Moridin – the faction leader of the Dreadlords.


First of all, I want to thank Christine for all the work she went to, setting up and maintaining the current system, plus revamping the wiki.  She’s going to be a tough act to follow.



Duties include –

Leading the Dreadlords and promoting activity

Participating in group decisions

Helping place fuls in factions

Keeping track of points and ranks of members

Updating the wiki

Doing the stats each month

Purging inactive members from the wiki




This is the most time consuming position in Shayol Ghul, and I need someone detail oriented to fill it. Understanding coding is a big plus. All members of Shayol Ghul may apply, including someone from a different faction or a lightful.


To apply, please PM me the following:

Why you want the position
Why you think you would be good at the position – prior experience, etc.

What changes you would like to bring to Shayol Ghul in general

Anything else you’d like to add

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I would but I want to remain BA

I would but I feel needed where I am, and filling this vacancy by creating another one doesn't sound like such a good idea.


And I want to remain BA.


And I don't know if trying to juggle FL and Ajah Head at the same time is such a good idea either.

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Any SG member can apply. 


Am I getting any more apps? I'm going to give this through the weekend and make my decision Monday. 


Remember, this is open to ALL members of Shayol Ghul , even lightfuls. 

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Of course, on the other hand, I was always taught to help others who didn't have it so good as I do. Who am I to tell someone they can't move higher in the world if they really want to improve themselves? After all this could be her own chance to leave the lowly witches and join the higher calling of us dreadies.

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