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An Evening With BridMorgan


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Thor arrives early and nervously arranges his notes. He doublle checks with the Tavern's officials about the accommodations for

this highly anticipated interview with The Lady Executive Officer and a simple Page/Corporal from the Cavalry. A sideroom was

reserved and chairs were furnished along with a sleepy witness for this most interersting an occassion.




Finally the appetizers arrive as well as the Lady herself. She winks at Thorkin and plops down in her own elleghant fashion. 





Brid sets two glasses of ice on the table along with a 5th of Jack Daniels and a bottle of Coca Cola ...mixing a dangerous concotion for

the Corporal.





Thorkin smiles.


Thorkin: Okay, love. I'm finally back from my niece's 8th grade Graduation and can have our interview.

Brid: Nice set up, love. Hit me with it!

Thorkin: Okay, here's goes nothing.


1. What does being a Lady of the Band truly mean to you?


It means that I am among my great friends and family.  This of all the social groups I belong to is my home.  I started here and I will stay here for as long as I am wanted.  *grins*


2. What would you say are some of your favorite hobbies?


Hiking, reading, DMing *winks*.  Anything to do with horses, it used to be a sport for me, but now it's a hobby as I don't show anymore.  This would be my number one hobby.


3. Do you have any favorite styles of music or bands?


I'm a huge 80s hair band chick.  I love Poison, Motley Crue, Skid Row...you name em, I probably loved them.  I also like female vocalists ranging from celtic to pop.


4. Do you have favorite TV shows?


NCIS!!  My ultimate favorite.  I also like How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Elementary.  But NCIS is number 1.  I soooo love Mark Harmon!


5. Do you or would you like to have any pets?


I have a greyhound named Bumble Bee.  She is a retired racing greyhound from Florida.  I also have a cat named Pickles who I completely adore. 


6. Who do you think would be best for the role of Mat Cauthon should we ever see The Wheel of Time on screen?


Hmmm.....best role for Mat.  That would be tough since I don't really know alot of the younger actors who would play him.  I mean if Heath Ledger were still alive and we could take some years off of him, that would be my first choice.  Otherwise....I dunno.  Liam Hemsworth maybe?  Only because he's the only young actor I can think of right now.  Ha ha!


7. What do you think will happen to the Aiel in the future of the Wheel of Time?


I'm going to have to pass on this question since I don't know what happened to them yet.  I still have to read the last 3 books.  I know, my bad. 


9. Do you have any special or unusual talents?


None that I can mention here....I jest....or do I?  LOL 


10. What are some of your favorite scenes from the Wheel of Time books?


When Rand captures Asmodean is one.  Hmmm....anytime someone puts an Aes Sedai in their place.  LOL  The battle at Falme.  Most scenes with Min.  I love her!


11. Do you have a favorite meal?


Beer Stroganoff for comfort, chateau briand for fanciness and sushi (cooked only)  Tried the raw stuff and the consistency, not the taste is what made me gag!  LOL


12. When did you first discover DM?


July 2006.  :)


13. When you're relaxing at the bar, what's in your cup/glass?


Usually Jack Daniels.  Either on the rocks or with Coke.

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Brid, you used to show horses and your an 80's hair band fan? We need to talk more. *nods*

Wait!  Are you an 80's hair band fan too????!!!???  I know you used to ride and show, but now to find out you are an 80's hair band chick?  I think I'm in love!!  *giggles*

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*cough* you're what? *taps foot*


Nobody's getting to talk to her until I do. :tongue:  *puts foot down and slaps PRIORITY sticker on forehead* See this? Hmmpph. Take note. :laugh:


Awesome interview Thorkin. And 3 books, sis?? Seriously? Slacker. DJ, get her sorted out!

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*cough* you're what? *taps foot*


Nobody's getting to talk to her until I do. :tongue:  *puts foot down and slaps PRIORITY sticker on forehead* See this? Hmmpph. Take note. :laugh:


Awesome interview Thorkin. And 3 books, sis?? Seriously? Slacker. DJ, get her sorted out!

I only meant in my imagination Sis, really!!!  And I love no one like I love you!!! :wub:   You're my one and only!!!  :unsure: *giggles* 


I know!  I'm working on a re-read, but things keep getting in the way.  *noddity*  Maybe I should just skip to the last book I read and the read the last 3

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I think that is an excellent idea, just read the last three!  Cuz, I have certainly tried to get her to read them, even reading them in front of her (not aloud of course) didn't get her that motivated to read them.  Perhaps I should just buy them for her for her Kindle so that she can read them as she has time. 



Hmmm....I like the sticker you have there Cuz got any more, or others with any other sayings on them?

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I really enjoy reading these interviews.


And BriMo, I'm with you on the bourbon and coke thing :wink:


Of course, my poison of choice is typically Maker's Mark.

The guy I work with drinks Maker's Mark...he doesn't like Jack.  I'll have to give it a try.


Horn, I've been thinking of trying audio books.  Might have a better chance of getting them done.  LOL

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Thor smiles and walks over to Brid's chair. He snaps his fingers and the workers clear a spot towards the back of the room.




Thorkin: Care for a dance? I know the perfect song.

Brid: Okay, I got some questions for you though.


Thor leads the Lady XO to the makeshift dance floor. The lights go dim and the video plays...



Thorkin: Hmmm...okay. Ask away!



1.  When did you join DM? I joined in October of 2009.


2.  What was the first SG you joined? I finally decided to join in the fun and chose the Aiel in February of 2010. That was the first one.


3.  What made you decide to join the Band? Well, I had always wanted to join (and did but hardly stopped by) was impressed by everything there

was to do here. The warm welcome and easygoing attitude of the Group is just something that really made me feel right at home.


4.  What makes you smile? Hmm...well, I like searching YouTube for when people throw hissy fits at retail stores or like say if their

football team loses and they throw stuff at the screen while their friends laugh. I think it's hilarious!


5.  Do you have any talents you can tell us about?  *winks* *Smiles and winks back* Surely, I can't be sharing all of my secret powers with

the world or else I couldn't keep you guessing now could I? :wink: One is If I hear just a little bit of a song I've heard before, I can instantly remember the

lyrics especially from the music I listened to growing up.


6.  Do you have any brothers or sisters? Yes, I have one RL older sister named Lisa. She is a very talented pianist and Interior Decorator.


7.  What is your favorite food? I love all kinds but I'd have to say Asian cuisine by far! I would love to visit Chengdu China and go to the food markets.


8.  What is your favorite movie of all time? I'm a big John Candy fan so it's a toss up between The Great Outdoors or Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.


9.  Star Wars or Star Trek (and yes you have to pick one!)  =0p Haha! *Salutes* I'm a big Star Wars fan. Darth Bane is like my favorite storyline in the series.


10.  Who is your hero? My grandfather most definitely and my father. He has the biggest heart of anyone I know. You can go to him with an idea for the design for

a sign or something and he can somehow make it look so much better than even you envisioned in your mind. He's a workaholic and never stops to smell the roses.

He's just a hardworking guy that believed in busting his hump to provide for this family. He earned everything he got through hard work and determination. He loves

making little kids laugh and has never met a stranger in his life. Haha!


11.  Aren't I the best XO you've ever met?  *wink* OMG! Well, okay. I'll tell you only because...*hiccup*...you got me a bit tipsy. *Hiccup* I think that BrigMorgan...

you know, the one from The Band? She has got to be like the BEST XO EVER! *Hiccupsnort* but you can't EVER tell her okay because it'd go right to her head. You *hic*

pinky swear me? :wacko::blush: Wait a minute... :huh: *squints * You look a lot like her except a little fuzzier. :unsure:


12.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I want to have a restaurant and catering business and have my own place on the lake.


13.  What is in your glass when you're at the bar? I don't always have rum but, when I do, I unleash The Kraken!




Stay thirsty, my friends. :wink::mat:

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