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Madness and such: A welcome thread


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And yesterday was the Glorious 25th!


Did you don the lilac?




And you have said elsewhere that you don't know anything about how to play Mafia and our other Games.


I can give you a brief overview of Mafia if you like? It's a great way to get involved and know people better. And our other Games have their full Rules pasted at the begining and explain how they work.


You should be able to join in what ever comes next with no problems at all :)


Sadly there is no lilac here.

But I boiled an egg.

The Glorious Revolution is remembered.


Will join next time thanks

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I don't understand that at all - but I just know it's ridiculously funny.


Physics Mafia hmmmmmmm. Interesting.



yegods it's a maths joke*facepalm* don't get it at all...


I'm sorry, but the maths and science jokes aren't stopping.


Just wait till I get a set-up for a calculus pun...

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Mafia is supposed to be addicting but it only gave me nightmare. If someone makes a physics mafia, then I am going to kill that person.


physics mafia?





translation: It's not the speed that kills you, its the force exerted on you when you rapidly decelerate on hitting the earth

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I only meant that I had this nightmare where I was playing a physics mafia. Horrible nightmare, made me stay away from physics for days. Mafia nightmare is bad, physics nightmare is bad but physics mafia nightmare is just *shudder*

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Wouldn't it?


Elements and forces and stuff like that. Combining to make other stuff happen.





You see why I would need help, right?


yes. yes I do


I'm thinking it might be like Mistborn mafia, you add alkyl groups, change your functional group, add an alcohol and carboxylic acid to make an ester (?)


crack alkanes, dehydroghalogenate.


and I've lost everyone

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Got the equation when I read it again. I skimmed through it last time but it's coming back slowly what all the symbols means


the top one's a standard equation of motion, the bottom on is a slightly re-arranged one for impulse 

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Can we add gravity and whatever the thing it that makes time travel possibly real.


Being able to combine and go back in time to resurrect someone would be cool.


And gravity affects loads of things.


that might be relativity you're talking about...


I moved onto chemistry a while back


well gravity affects everything. It's in the definition.


well if the things have mass. 

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Not up to that kind of subtlety. If you like that sort of thing you might enjoy Catherine Asaro's books on Skolian saga. You'll get her maths,physics and chemistry formulae. She's emminently qualified to write about all three.

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Mistborn mafia would be cool but not combining new elements just what was in book!

I think we had a Mistborn mafia a while back. Ithi would know better.


Let me think if I can convert Mistborn to a game. I am also trying to make a Quidditch game but I am not certain what role beaters or goalkeeper should play.

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