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Welcome Back DJ and Nicana!!!

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Brid sets up kegs of Bandy, FS, and Guinny.  Puts out chairs and tables and orders the Georges to serve the guests.


I have been in the wrong not to welcome back DJ after all this time.  My bad.  Welcome back banded of mine!!!  You have been missed and we are so glad you are back.


Nica hun, you joined after I left and left before I came back...LOL, but I am thrilled that you are back in the Band.  We are going to have soooo much fun!!!


Now lets get this party started!!!!

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*sniffs a barrel of bandy then opens it and starts guzzling it down*  Thanks for the welcome back banded of mine!!  It is good to be back!


Welcome back Nica!  Same as Brid said, you came and went while I wasn't around so nice to meet you and welcome back!


Thanks for the welcome back Dav!

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Thanks Brid! I wasn't here long before I went AWOL. So you probably wouldn't have remembered me being here anyway. ;p.

Yes we are going to have loads of fun!


Thanks Dav! Looking forward to being in another SG with you, my friend.


Thanks DJ! It's so nice to meet you as well.


Also thanks to you Starry! I may be a returning member but I'm also a newbie. I never started my RR tasks last time I was here. :)

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Thanks WoT! My year is going pretty good so far. Hope it stays that way. I'm definitely ready for Summer. Specially after this crazy cold weather we have had over the past weekend. Never seen it that cold here in May.

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*goggles at the thought of a keg of flaming shot before tapping it and drinking freely*


*Offers flaming shots to the prodigal sons (uh son and daughter, uh something)*


Welcome back you two!

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Thanks Starry! 


*gets suctioncup arrowed* Hmmm...maybe I can turn one of these into a hat! :smile: Thank Time!  Well, this year has been crazy and a bit stressful so far and I most definitely am waiting for summer! Summer is the slowest time for us at work so the stress levels drop significantly.  How about you, are you having a good year and are you ready for summer?


Thanks BFG!!  You know if you drink enough flaming shots at once you can breathe the fire for a tiny bit. :laugh:

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DJ, I believe I welcomed you back with the return of your Den, but now I can in an official capacity. So welcome back!


And Nica, it's very nice to meet you! I hope you'll stick around this time :biggrin:


*with the formalities over, bee-lines towards the barrels of booze*

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