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Wait a minute- you spotty him for that but not for feathering and tarring me? Is this cos I'm on trial?

Starrik, you may also have noticed that I did NOT spot-fine you elsewhere when law would have warranted it! Granted, it would have been a weak case, but I cut you a break since you are already on trial. In the case of your tarring and feathering, I didn't see it until after the one I gave him last night, and since we have not yet clarified statute of limitations, I decided to leave it be, since he is already being punished for a similar crime.


Morning Nicana and Kronos! Anybody up for some breakfast?





you must dance like a chicken during any social thread in the Band for two days! ... in all taverns, threads like this, etc.)



Thorkin, you are in violation of your Spot-Fine! Every time you post in this thread, or any other social thread, you must dance like a chicken! I am giving the fine because in clarifying this above, I already gave you a free warning when you did not dance like a chicken.


For your punishment, you may choose from the following. Let me know which one you choose, and send me a link when it is done.

1. Write two more Jak o' the Shadows verses about life as a chicken

2. Respond to at least three newbies in the Introduction board, welcoming them to try out the Band.

For this option, if someone DOES join the Band, your original spot-fine will be ended early upon their arrival!

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Thorkin!!  Really?!!??  I'm shocked, I thought you liked me!!  *bawls a bit*


Ok, not really that surprised....leave it to some the Cav to come up with this idea.  *grins*


*blows feathers out of her mouth*  YOu are soooo lucky I love chinese food!!

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