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*tackles the Thorky in delight and then stands over the nachos rawring and trying hard not to drooling* loooove nachos..... exceptI'mvegetariannowsoI'lljusthavethebeanswiththemthanks:P



Haloumi? Where? maybe XD *shnuggles BBonded and then starts painting her with blobs of sour cr-*



Hold up O.o

I just had a random mental image of bouncing on a haloumi trampoline o.O

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DJ! DJ my good man. Make yourself to the front here. I saved a spot for ya next to the awesome Lady XO.

How's life treating you? Got any requests? I can cook as fast as I can Google. :cool:


Yeah, we rarely get to see the Nya, Stark, so I'm happy she stopped by for a spell. Everyone needs a good rest at times.


NICANA! :happy: Of course. One BBQ chicken coming right up! :biggrin:


How is this?



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Ok, now my mouth is watering!!  *wipes a bit of drool off her chin*


*pats the seat next to her*  Sit with me Nica!!!  Then I can steal some of your food!!  *winks*


*steals a rib off of DJ's plate*  Thanks love!!!  *g*

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I'm so glad you all have gathered here. I hope I can keep this party going well into the weekend.


Thor calmly sets down on his tree stump which silently releases a lever leading to a bucket of tar

that was curiously sitting over an outstretched tree limb directly above The Lady XO and her Banded






Tar dribbles down on the pair followed by the trickling of feathers...




Yays! I got you! I have a feeling I'm going to have to make up some mighty good BBQ for this one. :unsure:

Don't worry. I brought a hose to clean you up. :happy:

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OH NO!!! Brid! DJ! 


*plunges into the tar, armed with straws*


Here, breathe through these! I will NOT let his assault stop your breathing! You'll make it! I have faith in you!


*glares at Thorkin and flexes the arm in a red sleeve*




For assaulting two senior officers, by means of tar and feathers, you must suffer like you made them suffer! For assaulting the Executive Officer, you must douse yourself in tar, cover yourself in feathers, and write at least one Jak o' the Shadows verse about it. For assaulting a Banner General, you must dance like a chicken during any social thread in the Band for two days! (So not in roll calls, JotS, music discussions, etc... but in all taverns, threads like this, etc.)


Let this be a lesson to law-breakers everywhere! 


Hmmm... all this talking about chicken is making me hungry.


*eyes two human-sized chickens nearby*


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In your second post there, you forgot to dance like a chicken!


(but since you're fairly new, I'll cut you some slack and only issue a warning for that one. Now if you were Dice on the other hand, the cold hard arm of the law would be slamming down like Perrin's hammer on an anvil!)

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