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I know I am going to regret this...


Hiya Thork!!  *sniffs the air*  Is that corn on the cob?  Cause I can't resist corn on the cob...with butter and salt...and butter....and yummyness....

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Spots Brid glide seemlessly across the waving grass and smiles :biggrin:


Why hello there! Corn on the cob? I dare say that I've gathered only the best from the last town we passed and freshly swapped borrowed butter

from the Inn. :cool:


:ohmy: Oh, look here what just got done!





And there is an available stump right here for you ro rest by the grill and relax for a bit.



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Say, Dav...have you seen Horn around here lately? Maybe I should grill him something good as well.

That fire is really taking off now as the sun goes down. Anybody have a good recipe for s'more nachos

or perhaps a tale from Jac O' The Shadows to share?

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*Angelface* I would never hold a superior officer against her will. *Nods* I just wouldn't want you to miss out on the fun.

*Unglues BB and sits her on a cushioned tree stump next to the fire* What are some of your favorite memories from around

the campfire?

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