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The Bond of-Oooooooh SHINY!!!!!!

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'Late. Late. Always late. Why is that? I mean, I always leave reeeeeally early and yet I'm always late...' BB's mind babbled as she ran down the corridors at as fast a pace as she could manage whilst still looking dignified and not falling over her own feet. Her awareness of her own clumsiness merely made her think of her good friend Nya, and nerves instantly coiled in her stomach. She couldn't help but feel excitement buzz through her veins whenever she thought of her babbling, bumbling buddy. Today however, she had more than enough cause to be nervous.


To distract her mind, BB glanced up from her meandering path and...wait...her feet slowed down as she realised she wasn't quite sure where she was. Moving on the minimal sense of direction she still commanded, BB took a left and moved up the corridor.


There was a glint in her peripheral vision...a spark...it was...shiny...The jumpy light leapt off to her right, looking like an ember floating in the wind, except there was no wind in the White Tower. BB immediately felt the magnetic pull of the shimmering spark, the way it practically ordered her limbs to chase after it...For a moment, BB was torn, but that moment lasted all of perhaps a tenth of a second before she took off after the spark. Life was supposed to be enjoyed, and she was late for class anyway. What did it matter if she had a little harmless fun?


A few twists and turns later, BB was well and truly lost, but she didn't seem to care or notice as the spark picked up speed and she sped after it, all delusions of dignity gone as she raced around the corner and-OOF!!

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With a jump of surprise Nya stumbled on the clay flower pot behind her and hopped around on one foot yelping as sparks from her weave swooshed off in all directions. Well, that was fail... . She was the world's worst Lellow if she couldn't manage to invent and properly construct a simple weave for healing painfully stubbed toes - an weave that would surely profit mankind, and especially herself - and now she had TWO. At least there was no one around to see.... she hoped.

Sulking, Nya reached for
saidar again, but as usual, her easily distracted thoughts drifted to other fun things she could be doing right now. Like hanging out chilling to Missy Higgins songs with her equally gumby buddy BB.  As always, thoughts of her buddy conjured a happy grin to her face. There was a gal so exhuberant, it was simply impossible to hold long before having to join in her groove... dop an' doo baaaa....


Right, saidar, toe weave. Humming, Nya made a pretty braid with Air and Earth as she twirled back to where her notes lay and then threaded in some- CRASH!!


A tangle of limbs, an explosion, a lance of flashing light that opened up into a portal of spinning colours, and a falling sensation. And a hard surface.


"Oooooof..... BB??!!" XD  Hello Hello! Laughing, she tacklehugged her friend, not really having to look if it really was her. There was only one other klutz who could have managed to.... to.... Nya let go of squishing her friend and detangled herself, almost falling off the rainbow platform of shininess they seemed to have landed on. O.o


Where ARE we???!


*pokes the nearest interesting object* Oooh. Shiney.



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BB blinked fiercely to try and get some of the flash out of her eyes, laughter bubbling out of her chest as she attempted to disentangle herself from Nya, only to find herself severely tackle-hugged, giggling helplessly at the ruckus and drama they could cause all by themselves. Two ordinary people could certainly make a really loud noise. Eagerly returning the embrace, BB felt the nerves tighten in her stomach once more as she thought about the bouncing bundle of kindness and energy she so loved.


...That bundle had a point, though and BB's mind eagerly grabbed onto the opportunity to escape the butterflies rampaging through her system. Where were they? What on earth had just happened? Flopping onto her belly, BB hung her head off the side of the small platform they were on. Her senses were immediately assailed with colours and BB felt the energy of the place course through her. Hyperactivity was one step away...she could feel it buzzing between her and who she considered to be one of her best friends the world over. "Ok, so we're on top of a Tinker wagon now."


Shooting a glance over at her friend, BB kept a straight face for a mere moment before cracking up, laughter rolling out of her unstoppably. It was inevitable that she almost fell off the side of the wagon, but alas, her ever-present friend was there to grab her and make sure she didn't fall. The fact that Nya was laughing far too much to maintain such a heroic status soon made itself clear as she tripped from her stoop and collapsed in a heap with BB on top of the wagon into a mess and a tangle of limbs and laughter.


Attempting to control her giggles, BB felt her nerves rear up once more, but this time she was determined to act on them. She wanted to dance the tango with chance and ride on the wire. Taking a deep breath, BB opened her mouth and took the risk. "Nya...You were from the north, I was from the south, we were from opposite places, different towns, but you knew it was good, and I knew it was too. So we moved together like a ball and chain, minds becoming two halves of the same. I didn't believe in internet friendships before I met you, but now I trust you more than I trust nearly anyone except a special few. When I think of having a laugh, or I hear Missy Higgins, or I see a horse, or any number of other things, you're the first thing to come to mind. Even thinking of you can make me smile and I know that if I ever need to talk, or rant or rave you will be there for me, whether I need to cry or be excited or have a bouncy hyperactive moment or plan out fantastical trips that send me into excited bouncing spasms whenever I think of them. You are the most fun person that I have ever met and I won't be far from where you are if ever you should call,  whenever you need me, to be a hyper buddy or to just listen to you rant, I'll be there. The short version of what I'm asking, on this shiny, shiny tinker wagon is...will you be my bonded?"

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Cackling hysterically, Nya flopped back too, sending them into yet another hysterical heap. "Oooops, mah baaaaad" :laugh: A... Tinker wagon XD How fitting, somehow. Music and colour and hyper and chatterboxy dancy dance bounce singing vibeyness, it felt like their very own realm of fun and crazyness. Nya fought the giggles long enough to catch her breath, - and then completely forgot them as her friend spoke on.


Nya sat up, temporarily silenced, an impressive feat by itself, but only because of the happy and the butterDRAGONS of nervousness in her own belly.


BB... if I'm honest, you've also been on my mind, on my mind all day. I've been wanting to ask you tooo, and now you tell me one surprising day!! AAA

And lately, if I'm honest, I definitely don't wanna bring myself to think no other way!!! It's amazing how fast we've formed such a close connection, cos I live on the other side of the sea, and all. I find myself trusting in you so much, with things few others, if any will ever know about, and I am so honoured that you trust me in the same way. Even just thoughts of you bring a grin and it's impossible to not be happy and enjoy life with you as a buddy.  You've been there for me throughout the toughest time I've ever had, and I an so unbelievably thankful <3 I want ya to know if ever you need me - I'll get there somehow, so we can both be there and we can both share the dark. And we will clean the cobwebs out of one another's minds. Same goes for the hyper crazy babblytimes, but you know that by now XDDDD You are the most hilarious person I've ever known, and I never ever wanna stop knowing you :DD

Our increasing moments of eerie telepathy just go to show. I mean, we don't even need words, we just JHDGVBSDNMSDSHSJAKSNSKQKKAdaesdsfsdvgh!!!


What I actually want to say, in an intelligible way, is.....YES I will love to be your bonded!!!!!!


And with that *HUGGLEWUBBLESHNUGGLES her BBbuddy, accidentally off the roof and onto another part of the Tinker wagon (oof) and has a little tear of happeh* XD




*multiple attempts at snagging saidar through the happyhyper, and then makes the souvra weave ready all perfect so nothing can go wrong*  Ready BB!!?? :D

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BB had never been ready for anything in her life.   Reaching out to the source a few times under the influence of happy tears and laughter, BB quickly gets the Souvra weave ready and takes a deep breath, grinning at her friend.


Ready when you are!!!


*lays the weave on Nya*



SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *bouncebouncebouncebouncebouncebouncybounceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

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Jaw practically breaking from grinnage, Nya hugged her friend tight and waited till BB had her weave ready too. At the same time as she felt the weave beginning to touch her..


*lays the weave on BB*







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Aaaaaw you guyses are so cute!


Many congrats to your faces *hugs*

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