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Dors, Tsuki and other superheroes.

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And so the story of Tsuki comes to an end.


They lived happily ever after. THE END

That's us. Not you.



You don't get 'happy'



happy=laugh=inventer of laughing is supposedly my enemy=I can't be happy=its too hot to be happy

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It hurts!! *gasp* oh, sorry, my vision is failing. I thought it was the M'Hael standing

before me. After all one is unable to distinguish between your aura of menace and



*puts her study book down for a moment*


The Doctor and then this? 




But I'll eventually challenge you :biggrin:

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What can I say? For some reason I always remind women of snarky, heroic, handsome men. For

the life of me, I can't figure out why. Life's mysteries abound.

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