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Dors, Tsuki and other superheroes.

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Hmm possibly. I always try to be there for someone when they could use someone to talk to. Even in the middle of the night for me.

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Wait... What?! Do we need to use very tight clothes to be considered a superhero? What about Rescue (Pepper's armor)? I borrowed it. More or less...



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Except I'm no Lightie :P


Batman's lair was underground, dark and spooky, and he broke the law all the time...

My type of "hero"... of course, I stay away from body armor with nipples on it...


Edit: spelling

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No, I'm a tagic Anti-Hero, embracing the Shadow because the morally ambivalent code allows me to dispense justice for

those the System has failed, in an attempt to balance my own stained soul with the brightness of those I help. Some of us

know that we are damned, but we can lift others from pit of despair...

*cue music, as the shadows fall over our hero as he walks into a dark alley, never to be seen again*

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    • They claim he's going to bring that vote, but will he really?
    • One would think you would need to know the basics of what is being discussed, to know how it potentially impacts it's constitutionality.    It's almost like they think all the Liberal judges are activist judges, and the Conservative judges are all pure constitutionalists without an activist bone in their body. Interestingly out of the 9 Justices, 5 are Catholic, 1 Raised Catholic. The other 3 are Jewish. 
    • No. What I'm saying is you can't apply America's version of post-slavery Racism to South Africa. The racial demographics are wildly different. (Whites out number Blacks in America. It's the other way around in SA) Culturally, the black populations of South Africa are completely different than the post-slavery black populations in America.    When it comes to racism in South Africa from whites (and blacks), it's hard to tell from an American perspective what's racist and whats realist.    Aight, just wanted to make sure you were getting your information from reputable places and not those weird right-wing nationalist websites that have a hard-on for anything South Africa to further their right-wing nationalist agenda. (Like those old ladies on Facebook that are always posting things from these ultra Christian #fakenews websites, that are always talking about how Christians are being persecuted more than anyone else in the world, and the news doesn't report it.... When the news actually does,  they just don't focus on it like MSNBC did Flight 370)
    • Everything about an adam is based around the one power.  The one power is what causes the pain and nausea when a person wearing a adam tries to remove it.  It's also what creates the link itself between the wearer and the suldan.  That is why only a person with the spark of the one power powerful enough to learn to channel can be a suldan.  
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