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Looking for artwork inspired by a certain scene (fanart or otherwise)

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There was one scene in this book that provided a mental image above all others for me. I've posted this here as some may consider it a MoL spoiler.


The scene at Merrilor (I think?) when Rand assembles the massive meeting tent. This scene is written in such a way that I saw it unfold in my mind's eye far more vividly than any scene I have read before.


Ideally, I want to see this scene play out in real time, in a movie (the series is just too big for this to be realistic though, I think), so instead I would LOVE to see an image of this. If I could draw, I'd be doing this myself right now, but I am terrible with a pencil.


So, can anyone recommend a place that something like this may be available?

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Well I checked Deviantart and did a couple google searches and got nothing. I look for fan art every once in awhile and I'm pretty sure no one has done this scene yet.

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In my opinion there's a constant lacking of awesome wot fan-art. There are some good ones, and I in no way mean to belittle the artists who do post fan art, (as I myself am lacking in the artistic department) there just aren't enough amazing pieces in my opinion. I think this is probably because we have such personal ideas of how scenes in this book in particular go down, that we don't accept fan art for what it is. Like, the other day I was looking for one where Egwene heals the pattern with the flame, and kills all those sharans. I know what it looked like in my head, so in the end, I was glad nobody attempted it and thus left me disappointed. 

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