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Isabella's Brick Oven Pizza in Baltimore, MD (Little Italy)

Tyler Glembo

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Name: Isabella's
Location: 221 S High St, Baltimore MD

Category: Italian

Price: Depends on what you order, but I'd say the cheaper end of average


Little Italy in Baltimore has some great food, but I think my favorite is Isabella's for four reasons.  The first is the delicious pizza, and the second is the hand- and home- made cannolis, the third is that it isn't just a dinner place, and the fourth is again, the amazing cannoli.  I've never had a cannoli as good anywhere else that I've gone.  


The other thing you should know is that the place is very small for eating in.  Very small, like, 3 tables small.  I've eaten there with a group of 6 before and that was pushing it.  A lot of people order take out there, but the staff are very friendly and I always enjoy eating in.  It's a good ambiance, just don't expect spacious accommodations.  Instead, expect to become friends with everyone in the restaurant.


But, the brick oven pizzas are great (wonderfully seasoned), the salads are awesome, and be warned if you dare to order a sandwich, they are HUGE! (and normally $6-$8) Like, get one and split it, because they don't mess around.  Finally, I can't suggest enough that you get cannoli.  Seriously, I've never really enjoyed cannoli anywhere else but this place does it right.  Quality ingredients make a difference, and you can taste it here.


The only thing missing would be specialty drinks.  There is a self serve cooler that you snag whatever coke or pepsi product you feel like, with some other juice options.  I won't complain though, because you don't go to Isabella's for cocktails, you go for the food.  

Each category is out of 5

Ambiance: 4 (note, you may give this a 2 for cramped space if you prefer a different dining environment)
Food: 5 
Service: 5
Value for Money: 5

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