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Hey Wardragoran, welcome to dragonmount :) . I'm doing a little research about how many folks on DM are not all the way through the WoT series yet. All being well, I can get a crowd together to talk about "Certain books only discussions" I will call it for now :idea: . Doing this IS NOT purly to do away with spoilers, but it is ONE dam good reason anyway. Being the newest member, I would like to ask which book you are reading? (that is unless you have read absolutely all there is of RJ's books!)I will offer more info if this idea seems it will takes off.


Cheers 8)

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:D Thanks for the welcome Spacey and Amalasan!


Spacey, I have checked out the Band of the Red Hand and it is certainly a place I am considering joining. I'm not a member of any Org yet.


Amalasan, I'm on my second reading of the WOT series. I'm currently half way through Crossroads of Twilight. I'm all for discussion of any of the books, just point me in the right direction. I like discussing everything and reading ideas and theories of other readers no matter how hairbrained they might be. I think that is why I am here. :wink: It's all good. Have you read all of the books?

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Guest Egwene

Hello Wardragoran... good to get some more people on board keen on discussions!


You'll find lots of threads on the two book discussion boards at the top, several of which include polls. Some of the theories put forward are more hairbrained than others...lol. There is also a general Debates and Discussion board further down which is worth having a look at.


I think Amalasan is trying to get some of the guys that have not yet read all the books. It is obviously a bit of a problem trying to avoid spoilers on most of the book threads.


Have fun!

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:shock: Twice through the whole series. Man that's some hardcore reading sessions mate!!


I'm on tFoH book 5 Wardragoran, the first time around. But after hearing that, I'll be well into book 6 by tomorrow.

*looks down at feet in shame*

No sleep for me tonight I think! :cry:


Yeah I'm looking around for more folks on DragonMount like me that haven't read the series yet. When the topic has taken off, anyone is welcome to join in the conversations, but the Evasion of spoilers is crucial.

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