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Approved WY Bio - Niede Dusius - Please CC


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Character’s name: Niede Aan “Nian” Dusius

DM Handle: Matalina

Age (must be 16 - 21): 16

Place of Origin (must be from the mainland of Randland): Born Cairhein, Raised Saldaea

Appearance: Pale skin, dark brown eyes and hair, slight build. She keeps her hair cut short, almost boyish, if not for her high cheekbones and plump lips.   She tends to wear dark colors made of heavy wool and always in a split riding skirt.

Personality:  Her family’s philosophy is Honor, Duty, Obligation. Nian’s family is always her first priority, she thinks of others before herself.  She is quiet but when needed is forceful.  Nian always tries to think before she speaks, but her temper almost always gets in the way.

Brief History:  Nian was not born to the name she was given, that name was lost on the winds of time before she came to House Dusius - a minor house in Saldaea.  

Nian was found on the side of a snow covered road just outside of Cairhein by a traveling merchant.  The merchant took the child to the city and inquired about the child’s family.  No one claimed the child and she was left to grow up in the dredges of the Cairhein orphanage system.   

Only a month into her care at the orphanage Nian found herself a family.  The merchant who had found her had spread word of the child as he traveled.  Mistress Rina Dusius, unable to bear children of her own, talked her husband Garith to fetch the child for her.  He called her “niede aan”, or lost one,  until he got her home to his loving wife who thought it was a fitting name.  However over the years it was shortened to Nian and it is her preferred name.

Garith and Rina loved Nian as their own.  She was instructed in all things as any Saldaea ones.   While growing up she was mocked for looking different, Nian took it with stride.  Her father taught her the basics of swords, horsemanship and the cross bow.  Nian preferred the swords and she practiced whenever she could.  

Nian wanted to fight in the army but being a girl, that was not acceptable.  An Aes Sedai and her Warders were staying in town one evening and overheard Nian fighting with her father over that very matter.  One warder took Garith aside and they spoke in hushed tones.  When Garith returned he was smiling broadly.  He proclaimed to Nian that she could go to the White Tower and learn with the Warders, and maybe one day she too could become a Warder.

Nian hadn’t wanted to leave her family, but it was the only way she was ever going to get professional training.  Her mother and father hugged her tightly and wished her well before sending her off into the world at the bare age of 16 to become something honorable and ever more worthy of the name Dusius.

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