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Rand Al'Thor vs Xena, Rand needs votes!

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I didn't see a link to this "tournament of Heroes" on the main site or in the forums, so I think I post it here?


and has made it to the quarterfinals, but he's losing against Xena, warrior Princess. The bracket is a sham (how could Han Solo beat Goku round 1?) but I still feel the need to support my favorite Hero, and thought I might give my fellow Randlanders the chance to vote too. 

Personally, I think it should be either Neo or the Doctor vs Rand in the finals, but I know Rand beats Xena in terms of bravery and power. Even if we scale him back to like... book 4 he still smokes her. 

If this is in the wrong place, or not supposed to be here, then I'm really sorry. I tried, but I'm like... 90% sure it goes here. 

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How could Rand al'Thor be losing this battle against Xena? This is an outrage!

Looking at the entire list, I can see why he is in the top four. However, I for one would have liked to see Gandalf in the Quarter Finals instead of Xena.

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although this is not the place to complain about it - yes this bracket is lame...how can it be taken seriously with:


1.  no drizzt

2.  2 battlestar characters but no manga?

3.  samus?  but no mega man?

4.  what about lara croft?

5.  dresden loses to gandalf...not sure anyone who reads dresden would buy that.

6.  7 of 9, but no picard?

7.  how do you have leia and han solo, but no luke?

8.  4 LOTR characters...and no drizzt?

9.  no sparhawk?

10.  no pug? but 5 game of thrones people?  without Jon Snow?

11.  no king arthur

12.  john taylor?

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