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Darthe's Mafia Game Over. Mafia Wins.

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Turin is an excellent stalker.


I see this has deteriorated into a spamfest whilst I was sleeping.


Chocolate pancakes for breakfast Nolder.

Not bad. I had pancakes yesterday though so that's not as interesting as it might have been otherwise.

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And there was you complaining you couldn't spam your game...haha


besides, get it out of the way now and we then when the game really starts (when all here) we can go for it!

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You could try! but it would be hard and you'd have to have the WoT to match the amount in each post too! 


Just Maw to sign in!


Ithi seems eager for the killing to start me thinks...but then she is in the Shadow!

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Why spam?


How is that helpful?


It just give the Mafia an easy way to hide and make meaningless posts.

I think a light amount of spam is important in the early game. It eases everyone into the game and starts things off friendly. It also gives people cause to make joke votes. Personally I think when people say things like "vote x because I haven't played with them in a long time" or something they are doing it wrong. I feel like joke votes should still have a basis in discussion because it then leads to more discussion and reaction testing.


But you are right that it's important not to go overboard on the spam.

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I've been there...very windy and cold! at least you have the wool to keep you warm..

I've never been :laugh: I'm a Glasgow boy!


Hmmm...not sure that is better :wink:


>Wait. He chose black! 

White is usually the color for purity, and black for bad juju-ness.


Dap is mafia. 


If Darthe did the move and that was his first it would suggest that he is White, because 1 starts at the white end! (at least as far as I remember)



Oh my daughter has that Mish...she is HP mad *sighs* (It is good, but don't tell her I said that)

What house is she?


Gryffindor...although she like Slytherin because she likes Malfoy (when he is older). Which I can understand,,,however she is now into One Direction...ARGGHHH!!!


did you all notice about the couple in the corner, in Darthes move post...Poor Ithi and Turin  :tongue:





Maybe my goal should be to have more posts than Dap this game!


Good luck mate.

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lol  ley must be right.


Ithi is always eager to get to the game.....killing lighties is just an added bonus


Or do you think she's a Symp?

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