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Darthe's Mafia Game Over. Mafia Wins.

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Paris, 1858.  




The structure loomed over the street, rain pouring down off the roof, flowing through the mouths of Gargoyles and the jars of Nymphs that decorated the corners of it's copper roof.  It was magnificent.  Wonderful.  The line was short, hardly twenty long, but that was okay.  A moments worth of waiting proceeded the bellman ushering the first guest inside to a seat.  Moments passed and then another was taken.  In short time it was your turn.  You were led in by a red shirted gentleman who took your pea-coat and bowler and escorted to a seat on the third row of The Opera House, right side.  The show was about to begin.




The lights dimmed, the audience quieted, the curtains began to rise.  It was strange how the seats alternated in color, white on black down each row.  That thought quickly left as the curtain revealed the scene below.  The stage was practically empty.  In it's place, a single chess board sat on stilts, a chair to each side.  The audience leaned forward.  This was what they had come to see.


His footsteps rapped off the polished wood of the stage for a second before he entered from stage left.  His slicked mustache and perfectly groomed hair spoke of his status well.  Duke Karl II of Brunswick, the host of this event.  When he spoke, his voice was rough like gritted stone and his words as smooth as glass.


"Welcome, one and all.  I fear that I have misled you and for that I must apologize."  His accent rang thick in the air.  "You come to watch the willing match of the American Paul Morphy and myself, an event that I'm afraid was unable to happen."


"Due to this free mans' impudence I was forced to.. coerce him to play this match.  Ladies and Gentlemen, might I introduce Paul Morphy!"  The Duke held his right hand out and a moment later Morphy was shoved by two guards onto the stage.  He looked terrible, his forehead bloody and his shirt in tatters.  They had him gagged.  The crowd gasped as one, shock prevailing through the room as a guard forced him into the chair, white side, and the other removed his gag.  


"Mr. Morphy, can you see the board?"  A nod.  "Wonderful.  Can you see the other board?"  Morphy looked out and his eyes popped.  


Two more guards came forward, locking the exits and blocking them with their bodies.  The crowd began to panic.


"You may all have recognized the state of the theater.  While we play, know that you are now pieces in this game.  Several of your crowd are actually my men, humble participants in this little... social experiment.  Know that this game may be your life kind participants and pray that Mr. Morphy performs well enough to succeed.  Any questions?"


The theater was utterly silent.


"Good." He sat down, black side.  "Now, let us begin."



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1. Lolguy - Town Night Vigilante Killed Night 4.
2. Ruairidh Misheru 2.0 - Town Compulsive Visitor Killed Day 7.
3. Ed2funy - Town Vanilla Killed Day 5.
4. Ithillian - Town Vanilla Killed Endgame.
5. Arez Al'Loke - Town Mason Random Killed Day 4.
6. Misheru Sedai - Town Vanilla Lynched Day 1.

7. Talya - Town Vanilla Killed Endgame.
8. Mawthrex - Mafia 1x Gladiator Killed Night 2.
9. Turin Turambar - Town Mason Random Killed Day 4.
10. Lenlo - Town Vanilla Lynched Day 3.

11. Nolder - Town 1x BPV Lynched Day 2.
12. Leyrann - Town Watcher Killed Night 6.
13. Dicetosser Bgrishinko - Mafia Symp Converted Night 1, ALIVE.
14. RandA lThor - Mafia 3x Captain Lynched Day 6.
15. ReleaseTheEvil - Town 2x Cop Killed Night 3.
16. John Snow Hally - Town Vanilla Killed Night 3.
17._Cloud - Mafia 1X Private Messenger, ALIVE.
18. dapianoplayer - Town Jailkeeper Killed Night 5.

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1. You can edit.

2. Day is 72 hours, Night is 24.

3. Don't have outside communication or quote your role PM

4. You do not have to unvote before voting, but you must at least bold a new vote for it to count.  I also prefer that they are red and at the end of your post.

5. Play to your role PM, that is to say that if you are town you must eliminate all mafia and if you are mafia you must gain a voting majority or equality to the town.

6. This is a hammer game.

7. Do not post about this game outside of the game.

8. Random lynches go by my typical profile (each of you has a 1/total living chance of dying, 2 or more deaths and you will get a coroner).

9. Submit actions on a QT or in your Role PM's.

10. Have fun!

11. You can self vote and vote no lynch.

12. Don't expect anything from this game and you will not be fooled.

13. Read the scenes, I write them for a reason.

14. GFY.

15. I may add more rules later.

16. Read this and R&U it if you haven't already.  If you cannot get access to it then PM myself and I will send you to Ithillian.  Link: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/76939-mafia-at-the-black-tower-what-we-expect-from-players-of-our-games-please-ru/

17. Claim anything you want.

18. Watch this.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35HBFeB4jYg&list=FLR7THnRA35YQuFTydofDMxQ&index=7

19. My concept of activity is that you post as much as you can and don't hurt the other peoples experience by lack of participation.  Keep that up as well as you can or come to me if you have any issues.  This prevents a lot of issues.  Thank you for your involvement in the game.

20. Do not personally attack others but feel free to do whatever you need to as a player to help your team win, so long as it is within the confines of the game.




Feel free to wear the siggy!



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Final Vote Count of Day 1 (Vote Count 9):

Cloud (1/10): Turin
Dap (2/10): Chuckles, Arez
Mish (10/10): Rand, Talya, Mish, Cloud, Maw, Ithi, Ed, Dice, Len, Nol
Chuckles (1/10): RTE
Not voting (4/18):
ruh, snow, ley, dap


A lynch has been achieved with 8.5 hours to spare.




Day Two Final Vote Count:


Chuckles (2/9): RTE, Cloud

Nol (9/9): Maw, Turin, Arez, Ithi, Mish 2.0, Hally, Chuckles, Len, Talya

Maw (1/9): Nol

RTE (1/9): Dap


Not voting (4/17):

 Ed, Dice, Rand, Ley


Two hours to spare. 



Day Three Final Vote Count:


RTE (1/8): Rand

Dap (1/8): Ley

Ley (1/8):  Cloud

Len (8/8): Dap, Talya, RTE, Dice, Chuckles, Ithi, Turin, Hally

Talya (1/8): Len


Not Voting (3/15):
Ed, Mish, Arez


Lynch achieved with 2 hours to spare.




Day 4 Final Vote Count:


Dap (3/7): Ed, Cloud, Mish

Rand (5/7): Ithi, Turin, Dap, Chuckles, Arez

Ithi (4/7): Talya, BG, Ley, Rand


Not Voting (0/12):


No Lynch Achieved.





Day 5 Final Vote Count:


Ley (2/5): Cloud, Ithi

Dap (1/5): Ed

Ed (5/5): Rand, Mish, Ley, Talya, BG


Not voting (1/9):



Deadline is : 31 hours

Edited by Darthe

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This just in, John Snow suffered a fatal case of Balefire today at a Parisian Opera House!


Back to Bob with the weather.

Edited by Darthe

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I am heeeeeeeere! Excited about this, loooove Darthe games.


Vote Cloud :wub: I think we've been switching who's been mafia in the last couple of games lately, and since I was last time, I'm sure you are now :laugh:

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Posting the link to slenderman and the calling us pieces I feel so wanted :tongue:


vote dap cuz its his birthday and all

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We are a bit Mother Hubbardish atm so had to just make a quick dinner. So just chorizo style sausages and fries and Cars spaghetti shapes lol.


The boys had already eaten loads at nursery anyways.

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Mish can't remember that Cloud was Mafia? And she seems to be a little over excited.


Vote Mish


And we can edit. Excellent.

Edited by Ithillian

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I've always wanted to play a life sized chess game.


Never thought I'd be a piece though.


Hi Farthe'

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You were led in by a red shirted gentleman who took your pea-coat and bowler and escorted to a seat on the third row of The Opera House, right side.



Well, at least we know who is dying first. 



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