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    • Howdi hey. New member, old time reader. 👴  I started reading WoT in 1990 when I was 15. My friend's dad saw me reading Tad Williams (MST) and "loaned" me the "first part of a new trilogy". He never got it back as it was handed from person to person in my circle of friends and eventually fell to bits.  Pretty sure I spent more time waiting for the books than actually reading them. 😋 I'm super excited about the new TV series 😍and wanted to get into some chat. Haven't been involved in online chat about this stuff since the dark days of ancient dial-up, text-only news groups (the horror). Hopefully folks are better behaved these days (although my expectations are low). I'm pretty much a lurker but occasional will add a comment.  This looks like a really good site and I look forward to some rewarding exchanges. Cheers Hook (MIGTE)
    • They are continually on guard and possess little time for pleasantries. A Warder would give his life to spare the sister who conveys his bond. In spite of the fact that there have been examples of Warders endeavoring to reject the bond, most Warders serve their Aes Sedai with pride and conviction. online dissertation proposal service
    • She might not be the glue, but she’s definitely a weaver. She took it on herself to tie all these strings into one story/adventure. She’ll leave the threads she’s interested in only long enough to drag a few others back into their midst. 
    • It seems more likely to me that Moiraine  phrased her question in a way that told or showed her who would rescue her from the tower and not how they got there. She recognized Thom and Mat, but not the third. And therefore phrased it as such in her letter to you “You, Mat and one other”. It has to be them because she knows that they three would be the ones to get her out, if not how they got there. But it’s been awhile since i’ve read them, so I might be hazy on a specific detail.
    • Okay, since I think folks gave up on this one a while ago.... I'm just gonna post the answer because leaving it hanging feels incomplete.    Freezing Rain and Sleet! 
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