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Ithillian Turambar

[Game Over] Scrabble at the BT - Blue Team Wins!

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jo noun \ˈjō\

plural joes


Definition of JO


chiefly Scottish

: sweetheart, dear

Origin of JO


alteration of joy

First Known Use: circa 1529

Rhymes with JO

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Greens Team's Word

Noisy - Eddie - 24 Pointsscrabblegreen19th_zpsd60ad580.gif

E1 G2 A1 R1 J8 L1 L1

It's the Blue Team's Turn!http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20130320T13&p0=136&fg2=2eb0e0&msg=End+of+Blue+Day

Answers will only be accepted if they are complete with word, score, location and your Team's colour in Bold.

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I don't know about ai, but we could do raj--I know that one from history. raj=rule and is a word. raj+an+jo...2+3+16=19 for raj, 1+1=2 for an, 16+1=17 for jo...19+17+2=38 pointses...obscure words ftw.


edited for math fails...

Edited by John Snow

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assuming they're all words...16+1=17 for ja, 16+1=17 for jo, 1+1=2 for ai, 17+17+2=36. Raj still has the lead with 38. And I'll happily do calcs for ya cindy.

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